A Dash of spring in the office

My amazing fashionistas!

Time to present you an outfit you can wear when you finally will be back on work. Come back is huge thing and wearing a right outfit will just attire the Universe to collaborate with you. I may sound like a sort of new age fanatic? You didn’t see anything yet ;-)!

Soft, comfy and elasticized suit in punch pink shade is all you will need to make this restart completely yours.

To enrich a spring suit I opted for oversize poplin shirt decorated with various necklaces. Golden one with crystals and a long necklace in glass pearls with flower petals in pastel pink. So romantic, feminine and stylish.

This large leather bag in tobacco shade and croco print is important and powerful piece everybody would love to have in their collection. Can you relate ;-)? Rich details, golden closure, openable and closeable sides thanks to hidden magnets, three internal pockets and adjustable strap makes this bag a perfect stylish business bag. So Manhattan vibe but still completely Italian style.

Cotton lurex socks on a minimal sandals are so trendy, and I’m pretty sure the classic stiletto would be so annoying in this outfit so I opted for something courageous, different. What do you think?

This fresh spring make up is created by my make up artist Juste Zilionyte. She used all blooming shades from MAC-s latest spring collection. Unfortunately we were not able to show you all this amazing collection yet but I really hope when this emergency finish you will be able to try it also. This was on of the latest make up we did together and I can’t even explain how much I miss my shootings and making make up videos with Juste.

My amazing fashionista, what can I say to you in this difficult situation? We are more than a month in quarantine and we are still gonna be for several weeks. Concentrate on what makes you happy. Cook, make pastries, make home exercise, create outfits, create make up looks or study. Discover new things, watch some interesting documentary film, read that book you didn’t have time before.

On my IG fashionista facts you will find every day something new and interested outfit ideas and beauty videos, tag me in your stories show me what amazing content you have for me.

Stay healthy, stay safe, everything is gonna be OK.


(all photos are made before Covid-19 emergency)

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make Up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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