A touch of red & a lot of joy for 2021

My amazing souls!

This extremely strange, difficult and completely unexpected year is counting its final hours. A lot of us lost their loving ones, a lot of us lost their jobs and incomes, covid emergency completely changed our reality. Emotions are confused now because we are used to celebrate end of the year but this time seems like there is nothing we should celebrate for.

I personally have mixed emotions. From one side there is sadness & melancholy, there is no comfort zone, I feel so little and irrelevant in the middle of this tragic events. Then on another side I feel hope, I feel gratitude, most of all I feel blessed. Blessed because I’m alive, healthy and my family is safe. There were two strong earthquakes this year near my home town Zagreb and I feel so lucky because my family and friends are all safe. There are people who wasn’t that lucky. When I think about them I feel such a strong gratitude in my heart.

This year will have a strong impact on our future. This year was a lesson. Yesterday I found this beautiful quote; “If the pain and suffer made you more aggressive, disrespectful and mean … you waste it. You didn’t grow!” How strong are this words. Don’t take this year as granted. Take this lesson to grow, to improve yourself, to become better humans. I don’t believe in coincidence. My blessings were not a coincidence.

This year my final post is different than last years, definitely more sober ;-). There is no dresses full of sequins or expensive Moet bottles. This year we are not even allowed to stay longer than 22 hours out so I will definitely anticipate a toast with the closest friends and wait New Year at home.

This year more than ever I need something red to bring me joy and wealth in 2021. So there is no coincidence that I’m surrounded with huge red Christmas bulbs ;-)! I wear animal print midi skirt in dark red shade with almost equal pointed boots. T-shirt with ironic quote and cropped leather jacket are such a must have, I just put a long warm scarf in beautiful red shade to make it more vibrant.

I just love my new wool beanie richly decorated with crystals and sequins. This beanie is so powerful, elevates every outfit, its more than a beanie its a piece of jewelry, a real statement. I get mine at Blocco 88 store and these are handcrafted in Italy. Every piece is unique.

My amazing unique souls, I wish you the most happiest and the most joyous New Year with all my heart.

Give them everything you want to attract. Give love, joy, wisdom, knowledge & patience.

Be kind with others but most of all be kind to yourself. When its rough take a moment and breath.

Give a opportunity to you soul to teach you, to lead you. You are so much more than this body and mind.

Take care of you.

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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