About Me

My name is Marija Pavkovic. Im born in Zagreb, Croatia, 02 February 1987. At the Age of 25 I moved to Bolzano, small but adorable city in North Italy.

I graduated in Business Economy & Finances, but in this blog I will be your financial expert just to show how to look glam and expensive without spending a fortune.

This blog is about true passion, about creating & sharing a content about my true love. Fashion. About making totally chic, different, sexy, authentic outfits! Every week I will shoot & write my fashion story about my favorite styles, and my thought’s about latest trends. I will post my everyday outfits, feature my favorite shops to give you inspiration and encourage you to play with fashion.

I will write about beauty & make-up assisted by my favorite beauty experts. We will make easy & interesting video tutorials, short video inspirations, featuring latest trends to enrich your beauty routine.

You will see real me, crazy fashionista, auto-ironic, emotional, enthusiast, funny & true.

With love & gratitude,