All Leather Everything

My amazing fashionistas!

All leather everything can be or fabulous or too aggressive, others will like it or hate it but one thing is sure, it’s never unnoticed. Enough for me ;-)!

I wear short eco leather dress, structured with puff sleeves. This dress creates a perfect body seriously; your tummy will seem tiny & your legs longer.  I love how this leather belt bag highlights the body figure and ads that rock vibe to the whole outfit. OK, I’m usually a big fan of belt bags but this one is upon all I wore until now. Remarkable &  unique.

I wear leather look alike bomber jacket in black with silver zip closure and pockets. This bomber was perfect to exaggerate. To go for wild & aggressive impact. Don’t ask my why, I supposed to play that role that day. You know that I choose outfit in complete synthony  with my inner me. Hashimoto made me do it ;-)!

My amazing make up is created by my amazing make up artist Juste Zilionyte. Bright red lips with sensual smokey eyes combined with soft contouring. She killed it ;-)!

Wish you a stunning evening my fashionistas! OMG we are so close to the Christmas, and I prepared something fabulous  for you so don’t miss it, subscribe to my newsletter! Just scroll this page to the end and voila ;-)!!

Outfit details;

Jacket – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Dress – Zara
Belt Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make Up – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Cosmetics Store Bolzano
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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