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My fab fashionistas!

My latest posts were pretty casual, almost relaxed sporty streetstyle. I needed to go out of my comfort zone. Play with latest trends and to adjust it to my own sense of style.

In today’s post I’m getting back to my very favourite and personal style zone. It consist wearing the most outstanding, eccentric and completely awkward outfit, and Yes, I’m in love with it. Is there anything more magnificent than just feel You? Feel You in all Your glory.

I’m wearing this oversize, asymmetric, heavy, textured satin dress in black colour with white boards. Dress is from ASOS online shop, Asos White Collection precisely. I’m sure you probably noticed enormous affection toward to Asos. It’s my little harmless obsession. Yeah, I have to check every day their online shop, every day for real. I transmitted this obsession to all my girls, as a result they hate me now cause detox from online shopping can be pretty hard ;-). It’s a state of mind issue.  Shop online it’s like a gift for me from me ;-). Result is that it makes me feel special and happy. Yes, I’m hopeless case ;-).

I wear this dress with my favourite leather bicolour mules. I really can’t imagine better shoes for this dress. It looks almost like a co-ord.

White pochette with minimal details in red which is the only vivid colour in whole outfit. But enough, right? Bag is from Pollini, Italian leather goods brand famous for their unique design and premium quality leather. Do You have a favourite bag brand? I would love to discover something authentic and different.

I was always convinced that sense of fashion is guided by the inner feeling. You wear what you feel. Your outfit has told a big part of your story before you even open your mouth. This is why it’s so important that you find your own style, comfortable for you and only you.  My inner fashion vibe has a complete control over me ;-). How else explain this 24/7 obsession about clothes, outfits, style, blogging…

I remember my mum always told me, one day when I will have a family I will completely change, like I will lost all this interest and focus for fashion and shopping. Right. Well, mum you were wrong I actually started my fashion blog after I started my own family and got my baby. I was always the black sheep of the family ;-).

I really hope You love today’s outfit, for me it’s so special and unique. What You think?  I’m always so happy to hear your impressions. Yes, even the bad ones.

For the last I have one advice for you. Buy that breathtaking dress you adore, don’t tell yourself things like “but, where I’m gonna wear it?” Don’t forbid yourself to feel special. You are the Cinderella of your life, you create your fairytale.

Outfit details;

Dress – ASOS

Photos by Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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