Baby blue dream

Good evening my fashionistas!

Every time I write a word “fashionista” (about 10 times daily) there is my spelling&grammar checker asking me to correct it. I mean, why they took so long to accept this word in English vocabulary? I’m offering to write the exact definition of  word “fashionista”.

Fashionista (noun) – A person who is extremely affected in fashion & style. Passes most of his time in his fashion (fiction) reality!

Fashionista Facts (noun) – The most extreme version of fashionista, also convinced to have alter ego called sale-catcher. If you see one pretend you’re  dead and warn the nearest psychiatric hospital.

Self-irony is my cure ;-).

I can bet you are so tired from all this dark outfits. All black everything or 50 shades of grey ;-)etc. so I decided to make something different for you.

Something really soft, tender, light but still fashionable and wearable during this cold days.

It’s all about baby blue nuances!

Is there anyone who doesn’t like this beautiful colour?! It has almost heeling effect on me. It instantly increase your mood. Awakes some tender emotions. Soft and natural.

This satin baby blue dress with bird print, until knee length and fabric covered buttons on the sleeves I bought on last Black Friday sale for only 12 €. But if you know me you are not surprised at all. I just adore to look for a great deals, finding amazing pieces on epic sales, and show to you how you can glam (wear) it :-).

I wear it with simple black tights and black open toe boots. This boots are a bit old and I already wore it for several shooting before but I’m not sure have I ever mentioned that these are a 9€ boots. They served me pretty good for that money. Also if your heels survive more than 2 years in Italy with famous “cubetti”(cubes side-walk typical for Italian city centres) they are damn good shoes.

I also wear a long pile baby blue fluffy fake fur. I really adore fake furs. The most chic part of winter outfits are definitely the furs. In all kind of colours, long or short pile, furs will elevate every kind of outfit.

Just because its cold it doesn’t mean your style has to be less attractive. How do you refresh your outfits during the winter season?

I coordinate this outfit with a blue leather cross-body bag. As a accessorial I add just a statement necklace with blue and clear crystals, and simple Swarovski crystals earrings. Its kind a  Disney Frozen inspired styling ;-).

So winter sales started yesterday in Italy, and this post is maybe a great example of making a good deals during sale period. If you want my advice where to shop I would definitely recommend you Asos online shop. It’s my favourite online shop and I always make great affairs there. If you live or pass by Bolzano don’t miss Blocco 88 store. They have all amazing furs (including this one) I wear in my posts on 50% sale now.

Have a great shopping and buy a lot of amazing pieces. As a real sale catcher I have to give you my ultimate avice, 30% discount in sale period you just ignore, or 50 % or nothing ;-

Outfit details

Fur – Blocco 88 HERE
Dress – H&M HERE
Boots – Zara
Bag – Guess Luxe SIMILAR
Necklace – Cinti
Earrings – Swarovski

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo HERE

With love & gratitude,

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