Back To Reality

My fashion souls!

Most wonderful time of the year is behind us and it’s time to back to reality. You will need a lot of positive energy, collaborative Universe and a right outfit to wear, obviously.

I prepared this super stylish, easy to wear outfit perfect to start this year right. It’s perfect to back to office, meetings and in case you are still in smart working mood you will will feel comfy but super trendy when on Zoom meetings. Its really important take care of your image even when at home, don’t loose your good self care habits. This situation is just temporary.

I’m in love with these brown & bronze warm shades. I wear high waist loose trousers in black & bronze stripes elevated with a gold chain belt. L’Amore is all you need. Classy chiffon shirt with a bow is so feminine and it looks so adorable with high waist pants.

I just love long warm knitted cardigans. It will keep you warm and you will look so fashionable. I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of cardigans so on this winter sale I will definitely look to grab one for me. What do you hope to catch on sales? In case you don’t know yet follow my IG stories for inspiration, my first orders are coming these days.

You already know how crazy I am about fluffy, fake fur garments, this bag is my new entry and its so warm and soft. Perfect cozy vibe. Totally in love with this fur shopper.

Ankle boots in beige snake print gave a touch of gritty to this fluffy teddy bear ;-)! This year we gonna wear comfy shoes trust me. I won’t complain.

So would you love to get back to reality in outfit like this? Make some stories with your outfits and tag me so I can see how you nail your coming back outfits.

Play by your own rules and don’t forget to have fun.

Break a leg ;-)!

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Shoes – ASOS
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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