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Hey fashion souls!

This October is so generous with Bolzano. Its keep giving us so many beautiful, sunny days and pleasant temperatures.

You can still wear just an easy blazer instead of jackets and coats. I’m so happy about it because transition is more smoothly from the summer season. You all know that shocking moment when in just few days you have to pass from thongs shoes to the boots 🙈.

So, I’m wearing this statement, a bit longer black blazer with blue washed vintage cut crop jeans (description more precise than this 😂 you probably didn’t hear before).

Maybe you noticed that famous fashion blogger Aimee Song (Song of Style) goes crazy for this type of jeans. She is probably the most amazing blogger who lives on earth. So when I found it on this year Zara season sale for only 5,99 € my happiness was endless. Don’t hate me, its not me, its my alter ego 😇. Sale-catcher never stops.

To elevate this simple styling and turn it into something important I wear red pointed booties, red wool beanie and this season must have tasselled earrings, also in red. Coordinating beanie hat with this earrings its not so usual but I love to play with different styles, sometimes it looks great, sometimes a bit too much, in this case I think it works.

This adorable leopard print mini leather purse goes great with styling, because Its not creating that typically aggressive leo effect. It looks strangely soft instead.

This photos would be just too ordinary without my precious, amazing, super chic Vespa. Vespa is everything. If you are searching a good business idea …here is one. Invest in one shiny, vintage Vespa beauty and park in Milan centre during the Milan Fashion Week. You could earn a fortune 😂.

Hope you like my photos. Share love and positivity. Love you,

Outfit details

Blazer – H&M Shop
Jeans – Zara
Boots – Zara Shop
Beanie – Zara Shop
Earrings – H&M Shop
Bag – Cinti

With love & gratitude,

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