Be comfy but make it fashionable

My amazing fashionistas!

Lets start this year right. We don’t need to torture ourselves with high heels and tight leather dresses. I choose to wear something super stylish and fashionable but keeping it comfy, warm and unique. 

Comfy style was never so popular. Its all about lounge wear,  knitted dresses & sets and trendy chunky boots and sneakers. I’m so into it. Last year was so rough to us at least fashion treated as with care. You don’t have to suffer to look good this season so lets discover my favorite stylish & comfy pieces.

Long knit vest over simple white shirt is probably most popular everyday outfit of the moment. Knitted vest in vibrant fuchsia looks so fashionable but keeps me warm and comfy. This is the piece you just have to get this winter. I found it almost every high street brand store and if you wait just a few days you can buy on a winter sale. Obviously I will update you about the sales on my IG stories so don’t miss it.

This season we are all going crazy over Prada inspired combat boots with pockets. I found amazing combat boots online, these are so popular so you can really find it everywhere. Why do we love them so much? They look so trendy, powerful and most of all these boots are made for walking.

When I just started to write this post I got a notifications about Calzedonia pre-sale, so these gorgeous tights I wear you can buy for less than 5 euro. I found so many beautiful tights, socks and leggins on the sale so check it out before its sold out.

When you want to elevate comfy outfit go for decorated beanie hat, stylish leather gloves or a different and particular hand bag like transparent or vinyl bag. Don’t mix silver & gold details. Choose cold or warm shade for accessorial. Keep it chic not cheap.

How do you like my idea of comfy fashion? Are you more for neutral shades and simplicity or do you like to play with colors and accessories?

Let me know what you think.

Wish you a beautiful Sunday.


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Boots – Victory Plaza
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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