Birthday Dazzle

My amazing fashion souls!

Today is my birthday. It’s the moment I feel mix of melancholy & joy. My life is divided in two parts, until I lived in Zagreb and from when I moved in Bolzano. I always feel strong melancholy for my family and friends in Croatia but I still live such a beautiful life here in Italy…

Probably all of us who left their hometown feel kind a same way. There are so many important humans who are not part of my everyday life that sometimes I feel like maybe I didn’t show them enough how much I still care and think about them. Like my childhood best friend Irena. She is one of that souls God sends you to be your living guardian angel. Since the highschool she always took me out of the troubles, fight for me, and even when she yelled at me because I was a freaking disaster she did it with love. Sometimes I don’t hear her for months but at the moment we see each other its like I never left. Today I feel like I have to show her all my gratitude for being part of my life. If you have that “special one” in you life don’t take it for granted.

Don’t take your parents for granted. For the big part of my life I blamed my parents for being insecure, for being so critic to myself, I blamed my dad for my eating disorders, for lack of love he showed me when I was younger. With blaming your parents you just make you feel poor, become a victim and completely deny yourself to learn from your experience and finally grow. Remember, they gave you the best they could due to their beliefs and possibilities. Think about what kind of reality they lived before having you? Maybe they didn’t show you enough love because they never felt loved? Maybe they criticize your behavior because they want to save you from taking bad decisions.   Compassion is the key. Compassion and sincere gratitude.

This was the year of my personal growth. This was the year I started to feel uncomfortable in my “comfort zone”. I was full of toxic convictions, I believed in things others told me are the right one, I had focus on my weaknesses, I lived with sense of guilt for every single mistake I made in my life. That moment when your are finally sick of your own s*** that is the moment you break that fake face in the mirror and give yourself a chance to discover who you really are. You are not who they made you become.

I will be completely honest with you. I asked for help. I knew I’m not gonna make it alone. I believe that Universe bring me to the people who started my revival with me. Ask for help If you feel like you are just to weak to do it by your own. You would be surprised how many people are ready to support you, guide you and be there when you fall. I also went and I still go on psychological therapy. Its still such a taboo, but if you go to a doctor when you break a leg why shouldn’t you go when your are broken inside? I admit that I still have so many issues to resolve, investing time and strength in yourself its a long journey, and now its time to start to enjoy that journey. To stop and admire the nature around you, to express gratitude to your family & friends, to say a kind word to a waiter that serves you, to give a compliment to a old lady living near you. Its about to be present in every moment. To live a moment that is happening right now.

Never underestimate the power of a sincere smile. You can see and feel a true smile even under the mask, trust me. You will bring joy to others, you will immediately feel better and as a consequence the Universe will look to bring you more and more of this feeling.

I love to match my most joyous smile to the most sparkling outfits obviously ;-)! Glitter, crystals, sequins and a pop of vibrant fuchsia will elevate even the cloudiest days. Even your birthday in the middle of lockdown. There is no shadow strong enough to cover my sparkle. Now repeat that every time you see that events around you are putting you down.

So my amazing fashionistas, eat that cake and drink that prosecco for me.

Raise your glasses.

Wish you an amazing evening!

Outfit details;

Dress & Shoes – Zara
Coat & Hat – Blocco 88
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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