Blooming Romance

My dear fashionistas!

Do you also have a few difficulties to accept that summer will become only a memory?! Warm sunny days in chiffon dresses and flapjacks on tanned salted skin. Beautiful, heartwarming memory. 

I already started to prepare my winter season clothes; coats, boots, cozy sweaters and again I’m literally surprised every time with the quantity of clothes I own. You know what’s one of my future goals, enormous walk in closet with work desk in the middle so I can write my blog surrounded  with my greatest inspiration. You are so not surprised now, right?;-)

Still even if I thought I’ve seen everything  fashion trends surprise me every season. Sometimes I’m going crazy for the most awkward styles other times I hate trends everyone else adores, but one thing never changes, I’m never indifferent.

So few days ago I bought the shortest violet mini skirt in vinyl. What was on my mind? I still don’t know exactly why I did it but I will make something spectacular with it ;-). Yes, I would never admit I bought something compulsively. If there is no reasonable explanation than it was the sixth sense ;-). Keep calm and wear the vinyl mini skirt even if you are over 30.

Long two – piece mesh dress with floral embroidery I’m wearing in this post is one of the most beautiful dress I saw lately. It’s from superb Blocco 88  Store, designed bi Italian high street brand Vicolo. Vicolo is definitely on the way to become my Nr.1 brand. Unfortunately they don’t have online store but fortunately I live like 200 m away from Blocco 88 so I don’t miss a thing.

This dress is so romantic, stylish, fashionable and classy. Transparency elevated with rich floral embroidery will make you feel stunning  & feminine. Authentic dreamy dress I know you gonna adore.

I decided to wear this dress on a high heel sandals in gold shade. Matches perfectly gold shades on embroidery and makes the silhouette look thinner and elongated. Those are perfect special occasion sandals  wearable in so many different styles and outfits.

Clutch bag in croc print leather in soft brown nuance with golden closure is in complete harmony with golden earrings for a feminine and classy look.

I just adore this make up look created by my MUA Juste Zilionyte. Classic golden girl make up with trendy autumn calling auburn shade. She just knows how to make you feel beautiful and unique. She is mine instant beauty booster ;-).

Thank you so much for reading my posts and share love for every outfit I publish. Can’t wait to see how you gonna like my blooming romance. Sixth sense is whispering me you gonna adoooore this.

Wish you a beautiful October. Be happy, be stylish!


Outfit details;

Dress – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Pollini
Sandals – Guess

Make up – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Cosmetics Store Bolzano

Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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