Boho Winter Chic

My gorgeous fashionistas!

Maybe you noticed some stories on Instagram of me wearing elegant bridal suit and few days later in a shiny swimsuit on the amazing Las Americas Beach? Well I finally get married and went on my romantic honeymoon on Canary Islands! Yep baby, but now I’m finally back on the blog… You missed me right ;-)?!

I found amazing hot weather on Tenerife but also in Italy we have extremely warm winter. Not too warm to wear and show you my super cozy short teddy coat. I love love love  teddy coats, long, short, oversize, in camel or deep brown shade it doesn’t matter, teddy coat is top. Gives that adorable fluffiness (not sure if this word exist but you get my right?) to winter outfits, like OMG I want to hug you ;-). This is not an invitation ;-), I hate hugs, I grew up with emotionally absent dad ;-)!

I love mid length floral dresses. This dresses looks chic on a easy boho way. Blue flowers on a brown base, collar neck with a high waist belt and voluminous volant bottom. Perfect for a day and still adorable for after-work cocktail with friends.

I love combination of this Coccinelle  Beat line leather bag and a cozy wool scarf. This bag is perfect for carrying small daily essentials and actually this size is my perfect size because I avoid to wear big and heavy bags. Its designed to be worn as a side bag. So comfy solution.

So my fashionistas, how do you like my boho chic suggestion for winter days? Do you even wear swaying dresses during the winter season?

I love boho because it represents the lifestyle of free spirits. Wearing boho head to toe can go too much in hippie style direction so to keep it modern mix it with current trends. Make it elegant with a pointed heels, keep it clean with a classy make up or a sleek hair. Play with slouchy dresses and a fur details.

I’m convinced you rock it!  Share you outfit photos with me, tag me in you stories or post so we can discuss it together :-)!

Wish you a stunning weekend.


Outfit details;

Bag & Scarf – Coccinelle Bolzano
Hat – H&M
Boots – Mango
Make up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo


With love & gratitude,

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