Burgundy romance

Hello dear fashionistas!

You are probably suffering today! There are two types of dramas today , or you are “dying” because of alcohol poisoning or in best case you are swearing to yourself you are never gonna eat that much food again :-). I know what are you passing through. Just avoid the mirrors and a scale for a week and you gonna be great :-). I also try with positive affirmation like …you are beautiful Marija, you have amazing body…but than everything ends with… I feel like a Miss Piggy ;-). Sometimes its fine to be rough with yourself, especially if you have lack of self-control as the author of this post has.

But now put it away, I have something else for you. Something beautiful and different. I have an amazing, romantic photo story for you.

About two weeks ago I got interesting message in my Instagram direct. Olga Weber, photographer based in Frankfurt was coming to Val Gardena, near Bolzano and she proposed me to make photo-shooting together. I was surprised and unsecure at start  but I felt a positive vibe when I got her message and I decided to meet her. And I did well.

She made amazing photo story I called Burgundy romance (you already know me and my poet soul). We have also a time to talk a bit and I was shocked when she told me she left secure job and fallowed her dream to become freelance photographer. I was amazed by that fact so I asked her what photography actually means to her;

“I believe that photography is a form of communication, not just recording moments of life. Photographing people involves more than just a good lightening, a great camera or interesting location. It’s exchange of energy. I adore to travel and shoot in new locations. I appreciate the people I meet and the moments we share. I love the artistic freedom that photography gives me. Because I love to tell a story, featuring beauty, grace and enthusiasm of people.”

Its all about leaving our comfort zone. I heard somewhere a phrase; “Where the comfort zone end’s, life starts!” Do you agree?

I believe that the most beautiful part of every human being it’s his soul. And I also believe that a soul is never choosing a what we define as a security. Soul is looking for a new experiences. Just think about how do you feel when you do the things you love. Do you limit yourself? Sometimes when I found myself in-front of important decisions I stop to think and let my inner sensations to guide me. Emotions can show you the right way. And its always the way I was afraid of. Its the way that brings me out of my comfort zone.

This is why I’m so enthusiast when I meet the person who get over her fears to find her own authentic happiness.

As you know this is a fashion blog also ;-), so you probably think It would be time to write something about my outfit.

I’m wearing my favourite all burgundy shades. Black and gold glitter dress until knee I matched with burgundy soft fake fur jacket and a large glitter and burgundy scarf. I’m wearing over the knee bordeaux boots with a comfortable 8 cm heel.

I wanted this look to be a little more dreamy and romantic so I added a flower crown in dark red and purple nuance. It looks stunning on a long wavy hair.

Make up is also romantic with very light face and eyes and strong burgundy rouge. A touch of highlighter to create soft glowy finish.

I really hope you love and appreciate our photos, I hope I was able to transmit you the energy of my story.

Outfit details

Fur jacket – Blocco 88 HERE
Scarf – Blocco 88 HERE
Dress – Zara
Boots – H&M
Headpiece – H&M
Make up by – Juste Zilionyte HERE
Photos by – Olga Weber HERE

Photos taken at terrace of Thaler Arome HERE

With love & gratitude,

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