Snow Ball Collection by MAC Cosmetics

Hello my beauty lovers!

There is a strong Christmas vibe here at Bolzano. Maybe because of famous Christmas market, maybe because we are surrounded by mountains covered with snow, or because of strong affect of catholic customs and tradition. This is my favourite thing about Bolzano. This amazing Christmas spirit which makes all month of December so magical.

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Halloween fever

Turning 30 something drastic change in my life. With turning 30 I start to do things. Starting my own blog I opened a magic case. Case full of  ideas, creativity, hopes, plans…my secret imaginary world. Well, not so imaginary and secret any more ;-).

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Fashion Fanatic by MAC

Hello fashionistas!

As you know fashion is strongly connected with the world of make up. Personally, for me make up is essential part of all my looks. You will see me really rarely without make up. I always prefer simple daily make up. Usually my make up routine includes hydrating cream or primer, foundation, blush, a touch of highlighter, eye make up based on earth tones and mascara. But not in this post 😂.

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