My top 7 June outfits

My fashion souls.

I choose my absolutely favorite outfits I wear last month. It wasn’t the most usual month of June, it was post quarantine period, we were still all confused, anxious, worried about the whole situation with virus which deeply marked our reality. Fashion was my way to get trough all this stress with joy and harmony. Let me share with you my very favorite outfits I wore this June.

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Velvet bronze

My fashion souls!

I may seem calm but I’m in the middle of the real spring storm! You know one of those where one moment you are walking relaxed on the street kissed by the sun and than suddenly comes the giant gray cloud and you are completely wet and cold in nearly less than a minute? Just a regular post quarantine stress or my Hashimoto plays rough?

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waving dress for a spring glamour

My amazing fashionistas!

That time of the year where you can finally wear a maxi dress without any type of tights under has arrived. Yes baby! Spring is already in the middle of its cycle, temperatures are increasing, my summer body is so not ready but lets stay positive because we are freaking fashionistas and a few pounds up or down can’t stop us of being fabulous! Right?!

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