Dash Of Retro Charm

My dear fashionistas!

In today’s Outfit inspiration I’m presenting you perfect Summer Night Out outfit. Let’s be honest, our social life during summer days is like a sort of renaissance. It makes us feel joyful, attractive and full of life. Tanned skin, light in the eyes & curios soul. Perfect for short slip dresses and very, very high heels.

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Latino Vibe

My fabulous fashionistas!

Today I’m gonna present you the outfit of my childhood dreams. If you grew up in Croatia in 90’is then you could probably remember of amazing and romantic Latino TV shows we watched. It was the time of the greatest success of network Televisa. Televisa is the greatest world producer of programs in Spanish. They were extremely popular in my home city. I was obsessed with stunning Latino actress.

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Unconventional Hoodie Crush

Hello fashionistas!

Outfit inspiration is one of my new categories on the site! Daily outfits inspiration. Uncomplicated & on the point. Just to give you some fresh and innovative ideas to elevate your daily look. How do you like this idea?

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