Chanel Joan Elkayam “Nona” Collection, A/W 2018 MFW

My dear fashionistas!

Last week I attended a very special fashion show. Amazing designer and incredibly charismatic young woman Chanel J. Elkayam presented her “Nona” Collection for A/W 2018 on Milan Fashion Week.

Chanel is only 20 and she already presented her collection on MFW. Impressed? Not yet, trust me. She already presented her collections on Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week & NYFW. Milan was only the last of the “big four” to conquer. She is probably the youngest designer in fashion industry who ever accomplished such a success in that age.

Fashion world can be so rough and cruel. Designers can seem cold and unapproachable. But when you see Chanel first thing you feel is this strong energy, you feel her gratitude and modesty. She knows she lives her dreams and she knows that gratitude is a key to keep living it. I’m impressed by the beautiful humans who put all their emotions, every single atom of their soul in their work and creations.

Collection Nona is a very personal collection. It’s made to celebrate a life and memory of a Chanel’s grandma who passed away few months ago. She lived in era when Jewish people lived their biggest nightmares, persecuted by Nazis. She escaped as a refugee to Israel leaving behind all her property and goods in Tripoli. This collection is honouring all her courage and determination. Chanel feels a strong emotion of gratitude to her. The result is an amazing collection full of interesting cuts, oversize pieces, majestic dresses decorated with golden embroidery and crystals.

There are beautiful and wearable everyday pieces one the one side and powerful evening gowns and suits on the other side.

I would define this collection as a timeless  elegance with a powerful message from the past, created for the woman who wants to be more than classy and stylish, for the woman who wants to be powerful and respected. She used a lot of tailoring fabrics, tulle, soft fabrics, duchess satin, waved fabrics and chiffon.

I already chose my faves. It wasn’t easy cause I loved every piece of this collection.

I’m literally obsessed with this amazing short oversize tailored blazer dress, voluminous with 3/4 sleeves in shiny black satin with Swarovski crystals, glass beads & sequins embellishment on the collar. Outstanding and powerful.

I adore the black dress with mesh puff sleeves richly decorated with tiny black crystals, classy and glam. I already saw myself walking on the streets of Cannes wearing this masterpiece (you now me).

Chanel confided to me that her very special piece is the final dress. Very theatrical, richly decorated dark blue gown with a Star of David design on the back. Its symbolic and important because of the star which represents her grandma final destination, where she spent the rest of her years before she passed away. The star was the very last thing seen in this show as the final model turn around and walked away. She put a very strong emotions in this show and the public recognized and appreciated it.

There is a meaning and emotion behind Chanel J. Elkayam brand, and there is a story behind every piece of this unique collection. I’m sure that Chanel and her brand will make a strong impact on fashion world and I’m so grateful I could assist a part of her amazing fashion journey.

Special thanks to Chanel Joan Elkayam & Rod Leon for their affability and endless support for my work.

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