Classy with rock elements

My amazing fashion souls!

There is so much negative things happening around us but if you agree lets totally ignore it and concentrate on what makes us happy and relaxed!? Are you with me? I know its difficult but worrying and stressing had never resolved a thing. I choose to be careful but not to freak out, I choose to be responsible but not to overthink. I can’t calm the storm of negative events around me but I can calm myself.

This time I prepared beautiful outfit for which I just know you gonna be crazy. Why? Because it’s classy & elegant, kind a rock and trendy, cool and unique, but you can still wear it for a day or evening! What do you say?

I wear neutral beige shade dress enriched with gold metallic fabric, fluid and wavy with super trendy padded shoulders. Beautiful dress you can make super elegant or super rock. This time we rock baby!

I wear this trendy statement necklace made from glass & silver. This beauty is a real piece of art. Elevates casual outfits, and gives a touch of grunge to classy pieces like a dress I wear.

Your very favorite western boots were perfect for this outfit, so many of you liked them in my past outfits. These boots are so comfy and chic that I wear it with almost everything.

Classic black blazer is perfect to complete this trendy rock & elegant fusion. Perfect for all your daily activities, office, shopping but yet stylish for after work dinner or cocktail.

So my fashion souls, how do you deal with this situation around us? In Italy started the light lockdown, situation is pretty serious, but my positive energy is stronger than ever. Write me about how do you feel. So many people I know are truly depressed for this mass hysteria. There are amazing thing you can do to calm yourself. Read a book, listen relaxing music, meditate, make positive affirmations, pray, express your gratitude every day before sleeping. Just don’t let that useless negative thoughts to bring you down.

Take care of yourself.

Send you so much love & joy!

With love & gratitude,

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