Cosy glam

Hello dear fashionistas!

I’m finally back to Italy. Finally writing my new post.

I have to admit that I had such an amazing birthday vacation. I spent a few days in capital city of Spain, Madrid. This city is absolutely amazing. There are everyone talking about London, Paris, Barcelona, so I never thought Madrid is such a big deal. Trust me, it is! Don’t miss your chance to visit it.

After Madrid I went to amazing Portopiccolo, near Trieste. We are actually planning to move to Trieste so I had to prove to myself that this is a right choice to make. Later I also went to my home-town Zagreb, in Croatia to stay with my family and celebrate birthday with my friends. I lived there for 25 years. I have such a strong friendships, even If I see this people just once a year it seems almost like I never moved. We just continue where we stopped. I feel so blessed to have this amazing souls in my life. Hear and feel their support is making me feel so positive and joyful. Living this magnificent life full of gratitude is priceless.

I bet you wonder where did I found inspiration for Cosy glam as a name of this story. Well… You know I’m all about glam and “glamming”, not sure if I invented this verb now ;-), but temperatures are so low this days that all I want is to feel cosy and comfortable. So I needed an outfit which represents a fusion of glam and cosy. And result is here. I absolutely adore it.

Beautiful oversize roll-neck fuchsia sweater with fur pockets on fluid satin dress. This satin dress is matching to the perfection black satin pointed boots. This boots are my faves. They actually look very similar to one popular model of Balenciaga boots, but way more affordable.

Don’t ask my why I wear this frill socks. I have absolutely no idea, did I want a touch of romanticism or I’m just obsessed with details. But they look kind a charming. Right?:)

I really adore this elegance and sophistication which this satin co-ord creates. This 11 € H&M satin dress is one of my favourite pieces I have in my closet. I created so many amazing styles and outfits with this dress. Cheap dress but amazing expensive effect.

I wear just one piece of jewellery, this long simple gold earrings. I love long earrings cause it gives a dash of glam to my face. Also I’m convinced  I look slimmer and younger ;-). OK, maybe not in my case. Like if I’m 31 I look like I’m 29. OMG I’m 31. It happen so fast. Next post will include advices about how to deal with middle age crisis. I’m just kidding, I will try to not write about it. I promise. I also promised to my husband that I won’t spend my entire salary in one week. I shouldn’t give any promises. Ever.

I really adore this violet/grey handbag with colourful stockers on. It’s like a instant mood booster bag :-). Do you also make this kind of descriptions of yours accessorial or I’m only creepy here?

Loves, I really hope you love this outfit. I would love to hear your definition of cosy glam. Do you have difficulties to be fashionable during the winter days?

Since today is a Valentines day I wish you a lovely, romantic moments with your loves. Top of my romanticism are probably this frill socks ;-), so this evening I’m just gonna watch TV and try to not make sarcastic comments on Facebook love posts.

Outfit details

Sweater – Zara
Dress – H&M
Boots – Cinti – SIMILAR
Handbag – Aldo
Fur – Mango
Earrings – Zara

Photos by Roberto Rotulo – HERE

With love & gratitude,

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