Cozy Christmas Morning

My adorable fashionistas!

I would love to write you super positive Christmas post but I decided to write you realistic one. Christmas is that period where I have strangely mixed emotions. On the one side there is magic atmosphere overload, crazy shopping, magnificent decorations everywhere, on the other side there is melancholy, reflections about past & strange sense of loneliness. Usually I really enjoy moments of solitude and I never feel it as something negative.

Last two days I passed with my family in Venice. It could seem idyllic but family relations are everything but that. We argue, we yell, we ignore each other, we hardly disagree about important issues, but once they go back home and I come to my home 600 km far away I just miss them so much. Why is so hard to accept that parents are getting older, they change, they seem to lost that strength they had when they tried to bring us on the right way. Why is so hard to understand them and accept that during the years people really change.

Christmas is that period where I mostly reflect about my life, about my past, when I lived with my family in Croatia. I reflect about time. Do you also feel that strange pressure on your chest when think about life you lived before, about people you used to see every day? I’m still struggling on how to handle with this emotions. I still struggle with my own spiritual growth.

This outfit is like a cure for my soul during the Christmas time. It’s so soft, warm, comfortable & bright.

This outfit is reminding me of most beautiful memories and most heartwarming emotions I lived. It’s bringing out the best of my Christmas. I wear astonishing Mongolia fur collar coat in wool and alpaca knit, chic and fashionable but warm and comfy. These nude shade is perfect to wear with almost every type of clothes. It would be so so chic with jeans but I’m more cargo trousers type of person ;-). I just love to be more loose than tight.

Under the coat I wear most comfortable polo neck top in cream nude shade made from ultralight cashmere fabric. Keeps you so warm and its so pleasant on the skin. Perfect coordinate piece to upper part of my outfit is this cashmere lateral pompom hat. I just love the lateral fur detail, so feminine and stylish. All premium fabrics in cashmere and wool I wear are made and designed by Italian brand Falconeri.

I just adore my olive green rigid Coccinelle bag. Perfect every day bag in premium leather decorated with gold plated pendant in letter “c” shape. I see this bag as a stylish alternative to a classic rigid black bag.

One part of this photos I made at magical Thaler Store/Bar at Bolzano. Place where you will find incredibly warm Christmas vibe & most sparkling holiday decorations.

Dear fashionistas I will take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

I wish you to find inner piece, to fell joyful and blessed, wish you to feel gratitude to be able to live this amazing Christmas. Instead of giving expensive presents make people feel special, important, give them your time, respect and love. Be sincere, isn’t that the gift you actually want to receive from others?

Outfit details;

Coat, top & hat – Falconeri Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make up – Elisa Schiavon
Photos – Roberto Rotulo
Location – Thaler, Via Portici Bolzano

With love & gratitude,

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