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My dear fashionistas!

Can you realize that we are already in August? It seems like yesterday when I was planing our summer vacation. Do you feel the same way? More I’m getting older more I realize how time is the most precious gift given to us. I mean, can you afford yourself to waste your time?

I’m a pretty strange human being. I can forgive and understand a lot of things but when I have to deal with people who don’t respect my time I lose every toleration. Universe obviously continues to sending me this kind of challenges frequently ;-). My advice to you is to choose the people who respect your time. There starts everything. There is no money or benefit who can give you more satisfaction than being surrounded with people who are showing gratitude for the time you pass together.

People who respect your time are rare. We live in the world where everyone seems to look just their own benefit. No matter what, just their. I had opportunity to interact with a lot of them. Trough friendship and relationships. And you know what? I’m officially sick of them! Don’t get me wrong. I do understand them, and I actually accept this kind of personalities but I minimize our communication on a short message once a year. Why? Cause I would never ask others to change the way they are for me. It wouldn’t be fair. This is why I prefer to let them go.

Now when I explained you my attitude about time I should also write you something about beautiful outfit you see on this photos ;-). My most joyful summer outfit. Made for make you dance. Made for make you dance in the morning when running on work, made for make you dance trough your super busy day & made to make you dance into a magical summer nights.

Out of ordinary dress with colorful embellishment and particular laces able to regulate volume of the dress and frill on the sleeves. Why I love this dress? By regulating the laces you can decide is it gonna be easy daily or evening cocktail dress. Pretty cool, right?

I’m pretty obsessed with camel accessories in summer season. Camel is my summer black ;-). Hope you get what I mean. Its way more fashionable, more easier with summer styles than black or other dark colors. High heel gladiators in chamois and cross-body bag both in favorite shade. You already notice them in one of my previous posts. I would dare to call them my summer basics ;-).

I usually adore to wear hats but this summer honestly I completely forget about my favorite fashion detail. So in this post I’m definitely celebrating my fave fashion detail comeback. I adore this golden effect hat decorated with foulard in black chiffon. So classy and feminine.

Wish you an amazing August my fashionistas. Summertime is flying, wear short dresses, the highest heels and make the great deals on summer sale ;-). Don’t forget to appreciate others people time like you appreciate your own.


Outfit details;

Dress – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Pollini (SIMILAR)
Shoes – Zara
Hat – Aldo (SIMILAR)

Make up – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Store Bolzano

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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