Dashing Rainbow

My dear fashionistas!

We have a pretty rainy November right? At least us who live in Europe ;-). I was always used to complain about rain, I can accept every kind of weather accept rainy weather. Rain is kind a melancholic, it makes me feel nostalgic and lonely. But I decided to fight this bitter emotions with my most powerful mood booster; fashion.

I mean it’s hard to be in a bad mood when wearing fabulous outfit, right? There is nothing a little bit of color and a good make up can’t fix it up. Obviously this works for people who already live lives in most positive way possible, for the people who feel gratitude for every moment life gives to us.

You know already that the gratitude it’s the key of happiness I imagine, but I want to show you how fashion can influence your life in very positive way.  Seems like everyone see fashion as something trivial and purposeless, exclusively material thing.

Fashion is so much over this. Fashion is able to increase our self esteem in world where everything tries to make us feel insecure, fashion is able to makes us feel different in the world where everyone tries to copy each other. Depends on you. You can look and feel like a million dollar girl wearing H&M but you can also look and feel cheap in Balenciaga. You can buy fashion but its up to you will you make it look like something material or something out of this world, unique.

I’m looking to wear all my outfits with heart. Yes, you read well. If I don’t feel it I just don’t wear it. My outfit represent me. My outfit speaks for me. So please stop pretend it’s irrelevant. Omg, why I’m yelling ;-)?

This outfit is my personal rainbow. My way to get out and be outstanding. To fight bad mood or rain melancholy. Stunning co-ord in viscose knitted golden thread in multi color. I just adore this red, gold & purple shades. I”m in early festive mood. I mean Christmas is behind the doors ;-). We can exaggerate already in every sense.

I wear this colorful outfit on cognac shade plateau ankle boots  & chamois viola shade mini bag. I wear all Italian brands. I’m still kind old fashioned girl, Italian manufacture is something special for me. If I have opportunity to choose I will always choose made in Italy. Italian soul, remember ;-)?

Hope this fashionable rainbow will help you win over your November melancholy.

Be authentic, be chic, be yourself and most of all be grateful for this amazing moment, now!


Outfit details;

Co – ord – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Boots – Cinti
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano Store

Photos by Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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