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Hello my fashion souls!

Its already December. It seems like this year time is running away faster then usual. I probably should give all fault to my blog, cause since I started fashionistafacts.com it seems like time is flying. When you find something you love its almost impossible to measure it with time. How can I measure how many hours a day I spent about searching a new ideas, creating new outfits, feel inspirations…

I mean its not type of work where you start at 7 and finish at 15. It wakes up with me and it goes to sleep with me. Its full time passion which doesn’t  make me feel never bored. And this is maybe the main reason I have impression that my time is flying.

OK, I see this post will be a bit emotional 🖤

Maybe its time to express what fashion truly means to me.

Its not just a hobby. Its not just taking few photos and post it to social network to get some likes. In my case, definitely not. It’s a state of mind.

This outfit is perfect example.

It’s cold December morning. Temperature is around -2. But I don’t care ;-). I know today I’m wearing my all black outfit. I’m wearing short black dress, high heels and a long adorable black fur. Fur tends to make you look big, so to define your curves you have to make your legs look looong :-). Simple 50 den black tights and must have sock boots with high heel are perfect to make your legs look longer and your silhouette slimmer.

I love how it looks in the mirror, but it’s too simple for me. Way too simple for me ;-).

Black veil headband with crystals and vintage cat-eye sunglasses to give a touch of retro. Maybe a wool hat would be a better idea but today I wake up more glamorous than usual ;-)…and I want to have breakfast at my favourite Thaler Aromè terrace. OK, I woke up way to glamorous than usual.

Today I won’t make just usual street-style photos. I will show you one of my favourite places in town. Italian breakfast with a view. Yes, it’s cold but for me it’s more magic than cold if you know what I mean :-).

Being fashionista is a lifestyle not a particular moment in a day. Being fashionista is an emotion. True emotion. If you ask me “Marija how it goes with a blog?”  My first reaction will be that my eyes start shining. Second will be a smile. That smile which appears naturally when you think about things you love. When you have that you have everything. Sometimes I ask myself why I took so long to understand that. True happiness is in us. Only we can create it and live it. Don’t take too long to figured it out.

P.S. I hope you like my outfit! 🙂

P.S.S. Its never to early to be glam. Glam is a state of mind not a moment, remember, right!?

Outfit details

Fur coat – Mango HERE
Dress – Zara SIMILAR
Hairband – Asos SIMILAR
Boots – Zara SIMILAR
Bag – Cinti HERE
Tights – Calzedonia

Photo taken @ Thaler Arome HERE
Photo taken by Roberto Rotulo HERE
Hair by :  Studio 13 di Andrea Baron HERE

With love & gratitude,

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