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Hello fashionistas!

As you know fashion is strongly connected with the world of make up. Personally, for me make up is essential part of all my looks. You will see me really rarely without make up. I always prefer simple daily make up. Usually my make up routine includes hydrating cream or primer, foundation, blush, a touch of highlighter, eye make up based on earth tones and mascara. But not in this post 😂.

In this post my favourite MAC make up artist Juste Zilionyte created for me amazing look inspired by crazy fashion month behind us. Inspired by this amazing new MAC palette Fashion Fanatic.

You understand why I choose this palette between all others. Because of its name 😂😂😂. You didn’t expect that, right 😛.

A new palette of eight Eye Shadows and one Highlighter in warm and pink tone. This pink tones are just amazing. Lighter shade are perfect for soft daily look while the touch of fuchsia will transform you in diva for a night out.

I would define this look as fashionable and powerful. Strong but fresh. Something different. Definitely out of my comfort zone.

Most important thing when you buy a make up is get the right information about a product and receive a minimum tutorial on how its supposed to be used. I bought so many products I actually never used or I didn’t use it properly because I choose it by myself without consulting or asking some expert opinion. Since I discovered MAC store at Via Museo in Bolzano this changed. I’m sure its actually a MAC brand strategy. Create products and teach their clients how to use it. Juste Zilionyte I consider my personal make up tutor 😅(she still doesn’t know that lol😜 ). She actually taught my how to put make up properly and its always enthusiast about creating something new and fresh. And that’s why I decided to collaborate with her for my blog beauty section.

This is just first of many looks Juste and me will create for you. Stay updated with us and you wont regret 😊.

Product used: Studio Fix Powder; Highlighter Soft & Gentle; Lipstick All Fired Up; Palette Fashion Fanatic


Hope you love my photos and video. Wish you a beautiful day!

Photos are made by Roberto Rotulo Photography – Official page

With love & gratitude,

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