Feelin’ like blooming

Hello my fashionstas!

I believe we are finally safe. Safe from freezing, heavy winter coats and Caterpillar boots :-). Universe, please don’t take this as a challenge ;-). I actually still didn’t notice that nature started with spring awakening but my closet started for sure.

I’m totally done with a cosy coats, wool scarves and warm boots. OK, I’m cheating on you again, I wear warm boots just in case they forecast snow storm and ice rain. Simultaneously.

I can tell you for sure that this spring all my inspiration will be about flowers. Beautiful, colourful, blooming flowers.

Outfit that I’m blogging today you can consider as a preview of my spring style orientation.

I’m wearing amazing long, fluid & light black dress full of colourful floral print. Enriched with romantic flounces on the sleeves  and cut under the bust. This dress is dancing with your every move. Authentic spring dress. It’s very important piece on its own so I decided to keep it so “blooming” but not in complete romantic overload.

Destroyed long washed blue jeans jacket to balance all colours on the dress and accessorial. Jeans jacket are perfect choice when you seek for a easy and unconventional chic. I just couldn’t imagine better shoes for this outfit than this satin hot pink boots. You really loved this shoes in my “Ode to winter” post.

Well, are definitely not the most comfortable but does someone really cares? It would be surreal expect you can walk for hours in 12 cm satin heels. I just make my catwalk from home to nearest bar and back. Enough for me 😉

You already know this viola/grey nuances Aldo bag with sequin stickers. Mood booster bag. Just like spring time.

Do you feel like this gonna be the most divine spring ever? Can’t wait for fresh & bright mornings where early sun is kissing my face softly, warm breeze playing with my dress… Do you realize how magic is the nature in spring? Magnificent. Somewhere I read how people are like flowers, they can bloom beautifully. They compared the personal grow of our spirit with flower bloom in spring. So my dear fashionistas this spring I wish you to bloom on personal level like this amazing flowers we see around us. I wish myself to bloom as a sophisticated white tulip, my favourite flower. To be more patient, to understand people, to stop judging by appearance and to show others how much I care about them. We live our frenetic lives and forgot them often.

Dear readers I really hope You love my style and I can’t wait to hear back from you 🖤

Outfit details

Dress – Blocco 88 HERE
Jacket – SIMILAR
Bag – Aldo – SIMILAR

All photos are taken and edited by Roberto Rotulo – Official page

With love & gratitude,

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