Fuchsia loves silver

Hello my fashion lovers!

I’m so in love with this fuchsia coat. Not only because its a gift from my husband ;-). Its beautiful collarless fuchsia wool coat with waist tie and puff crop sleeves. My obsession with puff sleeves has gone too far 😉 I know.

It gives that innocent romantic spirit to my outfits. Actually its a instant vibe booster ;-). Fuchsia is a colour of a good mood.

In combination with black, fuchsia is a pure fashion perfection. But I decided to make this fuchsia coat little bit nasty this time. So I played with silver.

My famous silver print light denim Zara jeans for 5 €. You have to admit it was epochal affair. Silver jeans with silver decollete heels and oversize silver leather bag. Silver overload :-). I’m not able to chose clothes moderately. Or drink 😅.

I’m wearing long mesh flower tunic under the coat. Under the tunic I have only a lace brassiere. I actually could put a shirt under but… remember I was looking for nasty look ;-). Its OK to show some skin occasionally.

I love to hide my eyes under the glasses. I feel more mysterious, also when my look start to look too provocative with adding the geeky glasses I balance the whole outfit. Its a detail that others don’t aspect. I have a mini collection of fake glasses ;-). Strangely, my real lens glasses I maybe put twice a year. During the night drive mostly ;-).

This look I would define as a perfect measure between romantic, sensual and urban style. There are so many style rules and advices you can fallow, but If you want create something different and unique you need to fallow your inner guide.

In my biography I wrote that I’m writing this blog to encourage your style ideas, to support you to play with different styles. And that’s what Im doing. Never limit your creativity because you are afraid of public reaction. You just can’t be liked or approved by everyone. You are not a Nutella jar. I know you heard that one.😂

I really hope you love my outfit, my photos and my words🖤.

Hope you feel that love and passion I’m putting in every post.

Wish you a beautiful day and rock that outfit 😉

Outfit details

Coat – Zara SIMILAR
Tunic – Zara SIMILAR
Jeans – Zara SIMILAR
Shoes – Zara SIMILAR
Bag – Pollini SIMILAR
Glasses – ASOS HERE

With love & gratitude,

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