Green Rhapsody

My amazing fashionistas!

I just can’t wait for Spring to come. I want to wear something romantic, like long boho dresses, leather jacket, maybe silky foulard or sandals over the socks… something like that ;-), and You!?

In this post I wear my lately very favorite boho style. Well, some elements of boho elevated wit elegant classics and some urban details.

Long fluid dress, in green and terracotta shades, cut under the breast is probably my perfect spring dress. It makes you look thin, tall and so feminine. I match it with long green petals necklace, similar as the pink necklace I wore in my last post Short Spring Briefing both available to shop in Blocco 88 Store in Bolzano.

One of the strongest boho elements is this crossbody bag in cognac/tan shade. Made of smooth calfskin with minimal details. I wear it as a side bag what makes it look relaxed and so boho ;-)!

Chanel inspired blazer in light milky green shade is a touch of classy in this outfit story. Classic tweed blazer is an evergreen and its always a good choice when you want to highlight your femininity, elegance & sophistication.

Touch of urban romantic ;-), is the fishnet socks embroidered with green flowers under the transparent sandals. A line of plastic, a line of flowers… urban romantic,right? I just love to mix styles, textures, materials and incorporate it in my very unique outfit. Sometimes the result is ridiculous and totally not chic but… I mean, you can’t play every day on a safe card? Right?

My fashion souls.

I try too keep positive attitude and positive mind these days. I write about fashion, about make up, I concentrate on easy, joyful things but…one part of the truth I feel I should share with you.

We have really difficult days here in Italy. Even if still didn’t feel on my own skin all the suffer that Covid-19 virus provocative in Italian real red zones  of Lombardia and Veneto my compassion for them is strong. The whole country is stopped for the danger and possibility that diffusion of Covid-19 goes completely out of control. That is upon to us. All of us. We just have to stop to be selfish, we have to stop to be such a conformist. I also feel sad because I will not go to Croatia as I planned, because I couldn’t  go to Venice or Milan for a weekend. But this is for my own good. I have to sacrifice a little part of me for a greater good. Italian government asked all of us to stay at home. This days my life is all about going on work, take out my dog out and maybe catch a 5 minutes of air outside the house. Photo I publish here are taken before emergency, I stopped to do it temporary. We don’t meet our friends, we don’t go shopping. We have to care of each other, because until today, only in Italy 631 humans were not so lucky to fight and beat the Covid 19.

Take care of you, take care of others.


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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