Halloween fever

Turning 30 something drastic change in my life. With turning 30 I start to do things. Starting my own blog I opened a magic case. Case full of  ideas, creativity, hopes, plans…my secret imaginary world. Well, not so imaginary and secret any more ;-).

I actually became brave. Its a big thing for someone who always had a fear of everything. I had fear of public. What other people think, what if they judge me, what If they laugh at me… OK, the last one I passed this summer when I wore my yellow fur sliders ;-). People were taking photos of my sliders laughing. I survived ;-). Actually this sliders are now my favourites.

Here we come to Halloween. I dreamed every year of wearing a crazy, hot costume, scary make up, like that popular girls on American TV shows I watched all my childhood. But I never did it, until few days ago.

I was walking around H&M store looking for something when I saw this amazing costume. Thigh overall skeleton full of colourful flowers. Brainstorming. I want this costume, I want  make up, and I want a beautiful video and photos to create a Halloween post for my blog. This post is a gift to myself. I just needed  to convince my make up artist and my photographer. Juste Zilionyte is that kind of person who doesn’t ask for explanation. I just told her ”Juste..what about Halloween?” and she was like… OMG, we have to create amazing look, I have already a great idea, we will make pink eyes with Swarovski crystals…Real enthusiast. I mean, she is my soulmate ;-). The end. Roberto, my photographer was also very interested and accepted my last minute idea even if he has a busy week at Rome. I’m so grateful to have opportunity to collaborate with such amazing souls.

In beautiful MAC Showroom Bolzano we prepared video of making my Halloween make up look. With using a simple MAC products and a rich imagination we created this great Halloween look. Make up looks fantastic in combination with a costume and a floral crown. It looks fashionable but scary, romantic and delicate, sexy and powerful.

This look is also a great option for a limited budget. This overall with a crown costed about 35 € in H&M store. And a crown you will definitely wear in other occasions.

Me and my girl Juste Zilionyte

Wish you so much fun on 31. October. I had such a great time making this post. How do you like my look? What’s your costume this year?

Be yourself, be crazy, be fashionable, be scary , be hilarious. Just don’t mix the drinks 😆🥂.

Products used

Studio Fix Foundation
Pigment Magenta Madness
Fluid Eyeliner Blacktrack Eyeshadow Print
Mascara Extreme Dimension 3D
Lips Retro Matte Tailored to Tease
Prep+Prime Fix +

Video and photos made by Roberto Rotulo Photography Official page @ M·A·C Store Bolzano.

With love & gratitude,

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