How to wear chunky sneakers on elegant suit

My divine fashion souls!

We are already in the middle of October. It’s beginning to be very cold and windy these days. If someone reads this post on Tenerife skip this part you lucky bastard ;-). I’m jealous try to understand me.

Before you jump into heavy winter boots & warm puffed jacket lets enjoy trendy sneakers and layered dressing. You can still wear your favorite summer suit warmed with classic blazer & cozy poncho.

I’m styling white shorts with coordinated slim vest (gilet), classic summer suit on a white chunky sneakers, and I actually love it so much. Its a perfect mix between casual, trendy and elegant.

Classic camel blazer looks so chic with a cozy wool cape/poncho in similar warm shades. I really love the hoodie detail. Capes are so stylish and I really love the wear them in this period when its still not too cold. You just hit them above a blazer or a leather jacket and the stylish game is up on higher level.

I couldn’t miss my favorite fluo green pouch bag. When I first saw this bag in a store I was sure it would be really kinky to match it on everyday outfit but I was so wrong. Now I have to force myself to choose another bag because I could wear my fluo pouch on everything.

So my fashionistas what do you wear in this period? Do you play with trends or a cold weather makes you wear all black everything?! I know, black is not a color its a statement. I would love too see how you rule this autumn. Tag me in your stories.

I linked some really nice and ugly sneakers under the post!

P.S. Don’t worry if you absolutely hate this trend, trends come and go… probably in few weeks everyone will forget chunky sneakers and start to wear chunky boots ;-)!

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Sneakers – Guess
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

I found really nice chunky sneakers on this links. You will thank my later ;-)!


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