Idyllic Summer Story

Hello my dear fashionistas!

I’m back from my summer vacation. I had such a wonderful time in Tenerife, Spain. I pass 2 weeks in my favorite Sheraton La Caleta Resort. You know I would never nominate a hotel just for a simple promotion. No, not my kind of thing. I’m sharing this with you because there I really lived such a beautiful moments. You know that feeling when you just wanna back there, it’s my piece of heaven.

After Spain i visit my mom and dad at Zagreb. Now, when I’m writing this sentence I feel strange melancholy on my chest. Maybe because I never admit to myself how much I actually miss my parents here. Now I see things differently, how time passes they are getting older, they are getting more vulnerable. Once they defended me, now I feel like its my turn to do my best to protect them. This strong sense of empathy I always considered as my biggest blessing. If you live it on a positive way it can give you true emotions and amazing connection with world. If you live it on negative way it will bring you sadness and delusion. It’s up to you. Only you. How beautiful is the fact that our happiness depends all on us? Isn’t it?

In this post I’m presenting you idyllic summer dress. Is it possible to create wow effect with simple white dress? Long white dress in premium cotton with frill hem and romantic bow on the back. This dress is made in Italy by Pre’t a porter Venezia. Brand I discovered lately, available at Blocco 88 Store at Bolzano. Every detail of this dress is made with attention & sophisticated cure. Kind a romantic Greek goddess look. Magnificent. Pure.  Yes, that’s the sensation it gives me when I’m wearing it.

Even if I could play with all accessorizes I want I decided to add just a dash of bronze and gold shades instead. Gold leather sandals with 12 cm heel because sometimes I feel just fine on higher floors ;-). Actually I just wanted to look slimmer. Slimmer and taller. So obvious. I’m lost cause ;-).

Small leather bag in white and metallic bronze it’s a perfect match with sandals and dress. Elevates both on a very delicate and refined way. Super chic mini bag for a stylish summer looks.

My make up artist created glamorous bronze look with notable orange red lips. Makes a perfect combo with long brown earrings enriched with crystals delicately hidden under my hair.

Hope You enjoyed my stylish summer story. Share your impressions with me.

Hope you are having the most beautiful summer time. Collect moments that will melt your heart in cold winter days.


Outfit details;

Dress – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Sandals – Guess (Similar)
Bag – Pollini
Sunglasses – Chloe

Make up – Juste Zilionyte

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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