Energize your look and go for trendy orange color

My amazing fashionistas!

Its Easter time, temperatures are higher, threes are blooming and you should follow the nature flow. I prepared beautiful spring outfit that will boost your energy and make you feel as a real fashion queen.

This season its all about orange. Orange shade will make for your outfit the same thing that Vitamin C serum will make for your skin. Illuminates, refresh, revitalize your look. In case you still don’t use Vitamin C for skin let me know and I can prepare you selection of my favorite products I tested.

I wear this gorgeous set in white & orange made from light and wavy satin fabric. I’m in love with this long voluminous skirt and her joyous vibe. Skirt that will put all eyes on you, only positive ones don’t worry. Top is sleeveless and it looks amazing with chamois belt on. Belt will create feminine silhouette and it will make you look skinny & tall. I mean what else you need? Oh, I almost forgot at Blocco 88 store you can find also a long maxi dress in exactly same pattern. I will publish it on my stories in next few days. Stay tuned.

Slim leather jacket, absolute must-have for the spring this season will be in this adorable orange nuance. Yep, you can’t escape from it. This spring we will leave the all black everything to Metallica fans ;-)! I know you hate me now but I’m ready to handle it just to take you to the brighter side ;-)!

One of the latest trend crush is this maxi bag full of sequins. I just love that kind a creepy eye pattern decorated with brown & bronze sequins on creamy fabric. Finally I found something different not just usual minimal bag we tend to choose. Perfect for spring/summer.

These boots are pretty old but I still love to wear them occasionally, I still remember how I bought them several years ago at Rome. I couldn’t even try them without the shoe spoon, but it was great occasion and I couldn’t miss them so I just bought them hoping they will fit. They do but only with shoe spoon. I love them because the heel is perfect for walk and they look super trendy every season. Unfortunately I couldn’t link you similar boots under because I didn’t found similar items. I found only mules and stiletto’s.

My amazing fashion souls. I wish you blessed Easter if you celebrate and joyful weekend with your family and friends. Make a nice walk near the river, make a delicious dinner, drink a glass of your favorite prosecco and don’t forget to cheer to this beautiful life.


Outfit details;

Outfit & bag – Blocco 88
Boots – Zara
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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