Kind(a) powerful

Hello my fashionistas!

It’s been a looong week. You know when you come back from vacay it’s kinda tough. When it’s kinda tough you need kind a lift you up. You are getting where I found idea for a name of this story, right?:-) No, it goes a bit different.

This outfit is a fusion of complete opposites. There is romantic vibe with frills and flowers and then there is a masculine almost aggressive style with leather and hair under the hat.

I rarely hide my hair. I’m actually convinced it’s definitely the crucial detail of my identity, but in this transformation it was irrelevant detail. Here is all about being feminine but powerful. Romantic but strong.

Fashion is so much more than just putting a fancy or branded clothes on. It’s the way I express myself. Not to impress somebody. It could sound a bit awkward but I’m always looking to impress myself. And I’m really hard to impress ;-). You remember the story about how I’m almost  one hour in front of my closet to choose what to wear to grocery store. Exaggerated.

I’m wearing my favourite  flower mesh tunic with a roll neck black body under. Leather push up pants matched with high heel simple black sock boots. This long oversize ruffle details black wool coat was a love at second sight. At first sight the price was just too high. On sale I recognized his potentials ;-). I adore fuchsia details under the collar and on the lining. Looks expensive and important. Type of coat you won’t see often on the streets.

Feel kinda romantic warrior when wearing it.

It’s a statement frill thing ;-). Kind but powerful. Yes, this is where I got inspiration.

I adore that mysterious look that hair hidden under the hat adds to this outfit. Seems like I wasn’t looking just to impress myself but also to surprise myself. Its like discovering myself every day again and again through the fashion.

This fashion story as this outfit also, it’s a little less fashionable and a bit more personal, I know.

You know I love to be the way I feel here.

I adore how Roberto, my photographer transforms in “streetstyle art” every single outfit we shoot. I’m convinced that a fashion photography beside style should transmit you emotions and energy.

Hope you love the outfit and a story behind it. Would love to hear from you. There is so many themes to discuss about fashion. Don’t hesitate to write me or express your opinion.

Wish you a beautiful end of  this cold February, sales are over but just seeing a spring collections in arrive makes me feel so enthusiast and inspired. I already have amazing styles on my mind.

Stay with me.

Outfit details

Coat – Asos HERE
Tunic – Zara SIMILAR
Body – Asos HERE
Pants – Calzedonia
Heels – Zara SIMILAR
Hat – Sisley SIMILAR

Photos made and edited by Roberto Rotulo – Official page

With love & gratitude,

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