Late Sunday Brunch

My fabulous fashionistas!

Lazy Sunday morning just got his favorite outfit. It’s all about olive green nuances, relaxed like Sunday morning but yet totally adorable & fashion.

You probably didn’t know that there is a perfect outfit for a Sundays brunch but hey why not ;-)!? I believe there is a perfect outfit for every occasion, and I know that because you ask me so often for advice what to wear in different occasions. This is just how I would do it, and I absolutely recommend you to always put yourself in every single outfit you wear. Wear what you feel it will represent you properly to the world.

I wear this beautiful chamois pleated skirt in olive green shade. Asymmetric cut on the skirt looks so fashion and flatters body figure. I wear it on oversize sweatshirt in green & white stripes with a message on satin fabric on the back. This beauties are now on the 50% sale at my fave Bolzano fashion store Blocco 88. They actually moved prom Piazza Dominicani to Leonardo DaVinci street in beautiful 3 floor shop.

I choose this classy & chic Coccinelle bag because perfectly matches green on the skirt and the stripes on the sweatshirt. Olive green bag with light green stripes and big C in blue navy on the closure. How adorable is this bag?

When I talk about putting your signature on what you wear I mean about wearing or adding something it looks great on you. Something distinguishing. It can be a oversize hat or super cute earrings…or both ;-). I love to wear big summer hats in straw. What do you like to wear to exalt your personality?

So my fashionistas, tomorrow is Sunday and you already have some hot outfit inspiration ready ;-)! You just have to order some super delicious brunch with salmon & prosecco, possibly in some super chic place with a spectacular view! Piece of cake ;-)!

Make this Sunday look fashion, stylish and unique ;-)!


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Hat – Zara
Photos – Roberto Rotulo
Location – Thaler

With love & gratitude,

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