Legally brunette

Hello my dear fashionistas!

This season more then ever I’m totally obsessed with comfy sweatshirts (famous felpa in Italian). I obviously already own my precious mini collection of it. You can literally wear it on everything. Last week I wore a casual sweatshirt on a long evening gown decorated with sequins. Result was amazing, seems like everyone appreciate it. Hope you follow my instastories ;-).

Today I’m styling most comfortable Ranpollo brand sweatshirt from Blocco 88 Store. There I found this Italian brand and I totally fall in love. Amazing quality, outstanding style & cool caption. Like “brunette“, yep totally me ;-). Perfect base for a uncomplicated & chic outfit I wear.

Black & white elevated with a must have jeans trench-coat. This trench is ultimate hit this year. Long, in true jeans blue shade with fraying edges. It makes you look tall, skinny, chic, sexy, funny and it doesn’t matter are you a brunette or a blonde this shade works for you.

I just adore this bicolour leather pointed mules. In black & white to upgrade casual outfits, and there is no way you’ll pass unnoticed. I wear them with cotton socks, but not just ordinary one, total mood booster no bad day socks. This one are brilliant, right?

Even in this outfit I can’t separate from this outstanding white rigid eco – leather 9,99 $ bag ;-). Goes great with jeans, black, white & silver, in numerous outfits. It was a good deal.

I have to repeat myself here. It really doesn’t matter how much do you spend, or how expensive are the brands you wear, counts the way your clothes presents you, personality you put in your outfits and self confidence you transmit to the world. This is the most powerful message. Your attitude. Your personal vibration. Authentic. You.

They don’t sell it at Harrod’s. You get me right ;-)?

Wish you a delightful weekend my Beautiful, Superb, Stylish You.

Outfit details

With love & gratitude,

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