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My fabulous fashionistas!

Days are still pretty sunny and warm here at Bolzano. It’s definitely most delightful autumn since I moved in Italy. Perfect for light short dresses and fashionable & soft coats.

Lately I’m definitely going crazy about short dresses. I wanna feel young & thoughtless. I mean, in fashion sense only ;-). Short dresses are bringing me back to my early twenties. My early twenties were crazy, hilarious, and so joyful. I miss so much that feeling. I think I’m in a middle age pre -crisis.

Once I read somewhere a certain style rule how a woman shouldn’t wear mini dress or mini skirt once she is over 30. I was fine with that until I turned 30. Now, there is no way I would respect that style suggestion. First of all, there are no rules. You should wear clothes the way you feel. Leopard print short dress, nude legs, cateye sunglasses…imagine how I feel ;-)?!

I wear super short & easy leo print dress which is a ultimate trend this year. Leo print is trendy, fresh, different, aggressive and I absolutely adore it. Dress like this are perfect for daily looks worn on black leggins or tights but on right shoes also very attractive for a late cocktail or night out. Good investment I would say. Good clothes are not cost remember that ;-).

This soft camel coat designed by Italian high street brand Vicolo is one of the most beautiful short coats I saw in the shops lately. I just adore the hoodie detail. Looks so powerful & mysterious matched with my favorite black cat-eye sunglasses. Leo print & hoodie camel coat & cat eye sunglasses are my fave ingredients to create urban power look.

Pointed boots with gold embroidery with only few centimeters heels are just perfect because I feel them comfortable, what is crucial for my daily activities but with a touch of sparkle on my outfit. Those boots I got on my vacay in Madrid on super sale. I had the best shopping time ever. I actually had to buy extra suitcase for all my sale catch. Huge suitcase ;-).

I adore how this white Pollini bag matches the outfit. Bronzed metallic shoulder belt looks amazing on the camel coat. Actually matches even shoes embroidery. Right?!;-) I just adore it.

Hope You love the way I styled popular leopard print. Can’t wait to read your comments 🖤.

Don’t limit yourself because of your age or size you wear, fashion is incredibly powerful and it can boost your self-esteem to the stars, and the biggest star of your life are You, remember?!

Stay fabulous my fashionistas.

Outfit details;

Dress & Coat – Blocco 88 Bolzano

Shoulder bag – Pollini

Boots & headband – Zara

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo


With love & gratitude,

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