Lilac meets white; how to wear most trendy combo of this Spring

My amazing fashion souls, I’m finally back, and I’m totally inspired to share with you some super stylish spring outfit ideas. I know, everything around us seems so tremendous and unreal due to covid emergency but I’m not here to remind you about that, I’m here to make your forget about it. Lets create our trendy outfits for upcoming season instead?

I just love lilac & white color fusion, so I created this outfit with various trendy pieces and I just know you gonna love it. Lets start with crop hoodie in tie dye trend shades. I will be honest I usually don’t like tie dye but this hoodie is just adorable, right?

I wear super easy jacket / blazer in lavender shade. Beautiful spring jacket that will give a touch of elegance to your outfits. Its kind a loose but not oversized, really beautiful fit.

White combat boots. Would you ever say that these would become such a trend? These boots are absolute must have. Actually you would be surprised how easy you can match it with different outfits. They look so amazing with dresses, mini skirt, trousers, I mean I tried them for my last shooting and I fell in love. I wear real leather model and these are super soft.

Bright lilac pouched bag in chamois matched with coordinated high waist leather belt gives this outfit charm and elegance. I love this balance between trendy, classy and sporty chic. What do you think about this fusion? Which one would be too much for you? Comment on my post, I really want to hear your impressions.

This month I prepared so many stories, reels & posts with spring outfits, I just cant wait to share all with you. I live some sort of spring awakening. I’m so over all this stress we were espoused  for the entire last year. Don’t wanna be a part of this collective madness anymore. My way to fight negativity is to do what I love and to share that love and passion with you.

Thank you for your immense support.

Whish you a beautiful weekend.


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Boots & Bag – Blocco 88
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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