Little Yellow Dress

My amazing fashionistas!

There are million of articles of why should you owe a little black dress. It’s elegant, classy, easy to wear…etc. Well the little yellow dress is all that plus it’s joyful, festive, radiant. Did I already convince you ;-)? I will don’t worry.

I found this dress on Asos online shop, it was on super sale, from 90 € to 25. This dress is made in premium embroidered sangallo lace, beautiful & fancy. Enriched with interesting cords you can regulate and tie on the back. You have to admit, for a 25 € I got really expensive dress ;-)!

What would be summer vibes without iconic lace up golden heels? I got this heels few days ago and I really loved square toe shape which is an absolute trend this season. This are from Public Desire brand, really economic and didn’t expect that these shoes could be so comfy actually. My advice is (when buying shoes online) to check always a heel height in product description, some are just gorgeous but than I see there is 12 cm heels… I’m not that young any more, old bones ;-)!

I found the perfect summer to go out bag. This metallized leather bag is fancy, stylish  and incredibly easy to style with almost every summer outfit. It will give the touch of glamour to every single dress you have on mind to wear for a night out. Now it’s also on summer sale in Coccinelle Bolzano Store.

Shell necklace in yellow match so perfectly this dress right? Beside this I just love that sea vibes that shell represents, so breezy, relaxed. Zara made a mini jewelry shell collection and I knew immediately I want few pieces to match my summer outfits.

So my amazing fashionistas, we are running so fast to the end of this summer?! Lets make the last days of summer the most memorable ones.

Repeat after me; “I promise I will wear the shortest dresses and the highest heels I have, tanned skin will be my absolute priority and if I have to wear a face mask it will be the most embellished one ;-)”

Take care of you.


Outfit details;

Heels – Public Desire HERE
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano Store
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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