Mid Spring is perfect timing to show your legs

My amazing fashionistas!

Amazing sunny days are waiting for us. It may seem like it’s gonna rain forever but it won’t. Spring is heating our part of the planet and I couldn’t be more enthusiast about it. Hope you are ready to show some skin? Don’t worry we will get ready together.

Blocco 88 jeans co/ord set

I choose three outfits that have one thing in common. They will make you show your legs. So before you do it I have some advices for you. You may complain that your legs are still to white and you don’t feel confident enough to show them? First of all you have to do a good peeling (scrub) of your skin, than mix your favorite hydration lotion with several drops of self-tanning fluid (use latex glows to avoid colored hands) and spread it over your legs. Leave it dry. Before dressing up add some bronze/shine cream (I use Strobe Body Lotion from MAC) to exalt your skin tone and make it look flawless. You should be ready now?

I’m just in love with this trendy co/ord in washed jeans with this gorgeous high waist mini skirt and crop jacket. This set is perfects because it looks amazing with heels and with sneakers, it can be a perfect daily outfit matched with interesting T-shirt or a super hot night out outfit with a crop top or lace body. I love to match neon shades with jeans. It looks so cool.

I just know that you have at least one black leather shorts in your wardrobe. For me these are basics just like little black dress. Can be worn in so many occasions and they look always trendy. You can match them with white shirt, crop hoodie, the possibilities are really endless, and how do you wear leather shorts?

I just love how it looks on a water repellant jacket, especially if the shorts and jacket are the same length, perfect for a city. Match it with trendy monogram bag to look urban.

One of my favorite matches this spring is this checked co/ord set with tailored shorts and gilet. I wear it on a blue button shirt with trendy romantic collar for this busy yet feminine look. I love beige & blue combo, looks expensive & important.

ASOS co/ord set
ASOS co/ord set

Obviously it depends on you do you wanna keep it classy or you wanna play with trendy pieces and create whole new look about it. Coordinated sets are pretty cool because you have the half work done :-)!

So my fashion souls are you more convinced after I show you this gorgeous outfits? I just can’t wait for the warmer days to come, this winter was too rough. I need to feel sun on my skin, this sense of freedom has such a positive impact on me.

Mini skirt is never just a mini skirt. Its a statement.

Wear it, create your iconic fashion moments. Obviously don’t forget to tag me in your stories. I wanna see everything.

Have a great weekend.


Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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