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My fabulous fashionistas!

I’m dying to hear how did you pass your New Years Eve, how did you celebrate? Most if all I want to know what did you wear ;-)? I passed a wonderful night in Milano. Even for just a day or two this city is bringing me up. Walking trough Via Monte Napoleone to the Duomo Square and finally Vittorio Emanuele Gallery with majestic Swarowski Christmas tree. Dashing, fabulous & impressive.  Milano is just the coolest ;-)! 

This time we stayed at Westin Palace Hotel, about few minutes with underground to Duomo square. I would absolutely recommend you this hotel. It’s sophisticated and elegant, famous historic hotel where you will be treated so well you could actually feel like celebrity. No kidding, they just know how to make you feel important. Now I’m back home spoiled and I should like continue with my life like nothing happen ;-)?

I decided to start this year with stunning outfit, outfit which represents prosperity, glamour & femininity. I decided to put all my New Years Eve wishes and plans in outfit. Did I transmit you that vibes?

I wear the finest silk shirt in puce pink shade, it’s darker shade of pink mixed with purple tones. I wear it with cashmere stole in the same shade, incredibly soft and warm. I just love that classy touch that stole gives to my look. To keep me really warm and cozy I wear this luxury merino wool & fur hat. All made by Falconeri with most accurate attention to details.

In New Year I wish you to sparkle. Sparkle like this beautiful sequin midi skirt with fringes on the bottom. Every move I made in this skirt is notable, important and outstanding. I mean just look the photo below. You are born to be extraordinary, to be sensational. We are. Make your every move counts.

I decided to match this stunning crossbody mini bag in rigid structure & golden closure to multicolored high heels in satin fabric. Heels always reminds me about walking gracefully with head up. Remember street is your runway! Walk trough this year proudly. Do the things that completely resonate with your inner you. Listen that whisper inside you when warning you to avoid something. They can tell you whatever they want but that inner voice will recognize bad energy and vibes. I put so many people out of my life without any visible reason. I don’t think that they were bad person they just didn’t resonate with me. Respect others but there is nothing wrong with putting yourself on a first place.

Let’s make 2019 fabulous. Make our dreams come true. Make our year just milk & honey. Everything, but everything is up to you. Us.

Live, love & laugh!

Outfit details;

Hat, shirt & stole – Falconeri Bolzano
Skirt – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make up – Juste Zilionyte & M•A•C Bolzano
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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