Million Shades Of Blue

My fabulous fashionistas!

This is not the first time I’m wearing all blue outfit. I don’t know when exactly started this blue fever but it completely controls my soul and my closet, beh its kind the same for me ;-). Instead of the dark side I came to the blue side ;-). I know, I’m not funny at all.

People usually said they see the world with the pink glasses, but not me, world is fabulous when you see it with the blue glasses. Those Fendi rocks.  Blue represents all majestic around us. Presents the sky, because only the sky is the limit. Presents the sea, impressive and mysterious. Blue symbolize strength, wisdom and trust. There is maybe the answer I feel such a connection with blue. Since I turned 30 my life changed. I changed. I found my own superpower. I found my own strength.

Like, there is a moment in life you finally understand what is right and what is wrong, for you. There is no universal good or bad for everyone. We can’t all grow spiritually on the same way. Once I thought that the end justifies the means. Now I know that there is no justification for hurting others for your own good. Now I know why I felt sense of quilt. Deeply I knew this is not right for me, it was for others but not for me.

Blue is the colour of my personal spiritual growth, and I’m celebrating it in this post on my way.

I imagined this outfit as a fusion of most beautiful shades of blue. It’s supposed to be powerful but interesting, funny and joyful but also deep on some different way.

I wear really amazing and unique blazer from Italian brand Vicolo. Colourful with comic illustration all over, its probably most interesting piece of clothing I found lately. In easy fluid fabric its perfect for fresh summer night outs. I wear it on all but simple white T-Shirt. This T-shirt its a piece of art, made by brand Hero from Bolzano. If you go for something simple but at the same time authentic and powerful this collection will surprise you.

This year seems like comfortable but still very elegant trousers play an important role on fashion stage. This pants are fusion of elastic joggers with lateral satin strips. You can wear them on complete sporty outfit but you can also elevate them with colourblock high heels as I did. Depends on which role are you playing today. I’m walking on the clouds ;-), obviously.

Hope You love my all blue everything styling. What is your soul colour? What colour is representing your current state of mind? Tag my Instagram profile in your posts, let’s connect stronger!

Wish You a fabulous Weekend, have fun but be kind & share good vibes wherever You go!


Outfit details;

Blazer – Blocco 88, Bolzano
T-Shirt – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Trousers – Blocco 88, Bolzano
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Guess
Sunglasses – Fendi

Make up by Juste Zilionyte & MAC Store Bolzano

Photos by Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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