Mini Meets Combat Boots

My fashion souls!

Someone said that once your step thirties you would look ridiculous when wearing mini skirt. Forgive them, they didn’t know what they say :-)!

Wearing mini skirt will make you feel young, cool, feminine and sexy. Mini skirt is a statement, liberty, its much more than just a piece of cloth. You send a message. I’m confident, I don’t care about judgements and I really don’t care if you think am I too old for this.

Pleated mini skirt in gray & bordeaux shades matched with trendy combat boots with pockets is perfect for a Saturday shopping with your besties or any similar cool activities. I wear it with knitted sweater, oversized, warm and cozy. Chain necklace in silver looks great an a texturized sweater.

Rainy hat in black vinyl is a trendy detail that makes the difference. When I wear short, sexy clothes I love to match it with trendy details like this hat because it will make all outfit look more fashionable, easy, kind a voguish. What do you think?

Gray corset detail bag in leather was perfect to keep this outfit sober. If you want to give a dash of color go for red pouch bag or a vinyl shopper in bright shade. It would be a interesting contrast.

In the end only thing that really matters is to wear what makes you feel good and confident. I saw plus size girls rocking mini dresses and a 90-60-90 models looking insecure. There is no standard which should be applied to everyone.

Your spirit, your attitude is a real game changer.

Wish you a stunning weekend.

Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88
Boots – Victory Plaza
Hat – Zara
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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