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Hello my amazing fashionistas!

December’s magic has officially started. It’s month of wonderful Christmas spirit, month were we look to make each other happy, either by sipping vin brulè with our friends or giving each other scintillating gifts. No matter what you do in December it will be special & magic. It’s December’s vibe.

I decided to start my December with this classy, flower-full and strictly feminine styling. Wearing flower print in winter is outstanding and unexpected. But then, why limit myself to wear flower print only when the weather is nice & sunny? Or you flower or you don’t ;-)!

I wear feminine flower dress with several layers bottom and delicate bow on the neck. Multicolored with strong burgundy accent. Short and romantic. Flowerfull.

I love that cherry shade so I decided to play with this color details. Baker boy hat and premium leather cherry shade gloves were my choice to make my whole look so classy. I just adore this touch of unconventional chic which baker boy hat (also called flat cap) gives to my outfits. Initially made for working class, today is extremely popular between celebrities and fashion influencer’s obviously ;-). I’m not talking about myself, I’m just crazy fashion enthusiast, far away from typical influencer ;-).

Long waterfall camel coat is a ultimate statement piece. This coat is absolute must have but at the same time is a all time classic you should definitely have in your closet. I wear this available luxury piece from Italian brand Vicolo purchasable at Blocco 88 Store in Bolzano. I really love this coat because it’s handmade and high quality product wearable for years.

This bronzed Coccinelle leather bag is probably one of the most beautiful bags I ever styled. It’s so feminine and sophisticated. Makes you feel like a real lady, classy and refine. In Italy we have a perfect descriptive adjective for this type of bag; borsa gioiello!  Jewel bag, precious and delicate like a piece of jewelry.

This satin colored shoes with 11 cm heel are so stylish in combination with this refined Calzedonia tights. You can actually change your whole look by choosing different design or embroidery of tights. Depends do you basic or you glam, or is it Monday morning or Saturday afternoon ;-).

Even this time my MAC girl, Juste Zilionyte created so powerful but classy make up look. Dark cherry lips are in perfect symphony with my accessories. If you are searching for a new lipstick crush I highly recommend MAC’s D for Danger Matte Lipstick. Obsessed.

First of all, I’m classy & elegant outfit lover so this is the most realistic me you will ever see. Feminine is my state of mind and if you see me wearing sporty or too casual don’t come close cause I’m obviously sick or out of my mind ;-).

Wish you a beautiful week, be shiny, wear sequins and remember it’never too early to put some highlighter on your cheeks ;-). If you glam you can’t blame ;-)!!!

Outfit details;

Dress & Coat – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag & Gloves – Coccinelle Store Bolzano

Make up – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Cosmetics Store Bolzano

Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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