Most beautiful selection of Jeans Trench

Hello my dear shopping addicts!

One of my new categories on the blog is Shopping facts. Shopping facts will include my favourite styles, clothing pieces and beauty products I will search for you. It’s actually like turning my passion into helpful advices. I just adore looking for new clothes, search online, find some great affairs and share it with you. I was asked endless time for fashion advice, to assist to shopping, to find some particular pieces and it always presented immense joy for me. I could talk about fashion & shopping for hours. This is why i started Shopping facts.

This season absolute must have,it’s his highness Jeans Trench. Short or long? Depends what do you prefer most. Why do I love it so much?! Time for some denim trench fashionista facts;

1. You can wear it with almost EVERYTHING!!!

2. Either you are blond, brunette, redhead or purple hair girl denim blue shade will work for you!

3. It will make casual outfits chic, but at the same time will give a dash of casual to super elegant styling.

4. It’s not just one season trend, there are great possibilities it will be hot stuff for several seasons!

Here are my favourites and most interesting pieces I found online and in shops;

Mango (79,99€) SHOP
Monki (94,99€)
Monki (94,99€) SHOP
Tommy Hilfiger Gigi Hadid (209,99€) SHOP
Zara (59,95€) SHOP

ASOS (65,99€) SHOP
ASOS (53,99€) SHOP

For last I present you the trench I personally choose and loved the most, not because it’s the most beautiful, simply resonate the most with my personal style.

Blocco 88, Piazza Dominicani Bolzano (Please Fashion, 119,00€)

Hope you found your Denim Trench crush. This spring with one of these you will definitely rock the streets!

Can’t wait to see how you wear it, share with me some super stylish photos!

With love & gratitude,

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