My top 7 June outfits

My fashion souls.

I choose my absolutely favorite outfits I wear last month. It wasn’t the most usual month of June, it was post quarantine period, we were still all confused, anxious, worried about the whole situation with virus which deeply marked our reality. Fashion was my way to get trough all this stress with joy and harmony. Let me share with you my very favorite outfits I wore this June.

Long floral dress

Long floral dress was probably my favorite since represented restart of a Spring. There is no better feeling than a fluid floral dress dancing and waving around your silhouette. Matched with a super joyful yellow bag & light green spring turban.

Sunny yellow bag
Animal print short dress

Sheer animal print dress in green is a perfect to give a touch of provocation to you appearance. Wild dress matched with very feminine & classy creamy bag and cat eye sunnies. What do you think? I adore it.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Trench denim dress
Gold leather bag

Long trench / dress in soft denim shade and super soft and light fabric is perfect as a dress for summer evenings when you want to appear classy or for a daily activities worn ad a trench on a simple white undershirt and flax trousers. I wear it with a golden shade bag & sandals to give a touch of glam.

Sand shade flax dress

Easy flax & cotton dress with pointed waist in natural sand shade is perfect choice for hot summer days. Keep in mind you have to be comfy to keep feeling good during the high summer temperatures. I wear it with lace up cognac sandals and super chic mini bag with pending heart in yellow. How adorable is this bag?

Micro bag in cognac with pending heart in yellow
Country style in summer edition

You already know how crazy I am about country style and this outfit is so fabulous, long dress, faux fur filet, embellished western hat and micro cognac bag for a perfect country inspired fashion fusion. This is why the country style had to take at least two spots in my favorite outfits for June.

Embellished hat & faux fur gilet with ethno embroidery
Embroidered eyelet design dress

So here we come to the last outfit with country elements but much more sober than previous. Eyelet design dress, oversize and voluminous gathered with brown straw belt matched with cognac leather bag & embellished hat. Trendy, stylish & so jazzy.

Cognac shade leather bag

My fashionistas, hope you like my favorite outfits I wore last month? Now its your turn to let me know which one is your favorite?

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Whish you a beautiful evening.

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Outfit details;

Outfits – Blocco 88
Bag (all) – Coccinelle Store (Piazza del Grano 11)
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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