New Years Eve Dazzle

My amazing fashionistas, friends & family!

Here we are, seems like yesterday I published my last year New Years Eve post. Time really flies and probably when you are young, I mean really young ;-), you don’t take it seriously but once you pass 30-s you start to reflect about it.

This year was really tough for me. In April I lost my grandpa. Even tough we lived far away and we didn’t pass a lot of time together I really suffered when he passed away. Even now I’m looking at his picture and I still can’t realize he is really gone forever. The most beautiful but also the most terrifying word; forever. You can read every single  book about human psychology, about emotions, law of attraction, every single self help guide become useless. You just have to accept that sadness and crying over losing someone you loved is the part of this amazing life.

After months and months of strange symptoms like gaining weight,emotional ups and downs I finally discovered I actually suffer from Hashimoto thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is typically characterized by weight gain, fatigue, brittle hair, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, feeling colder than normal, dry and itchy skin, goiters, and my most prominent symptom—depression. At least, that’s the clinical list of symptoms. I call him simply the crazy Japanese ;-)! I would definitely prefer Japanese like Yohji Yamamoto  sincerely ;-)!

After Rheumatic Arthritis & Vitiligo, Hashimoto is the third autoimmune disease diagnosis I have and I started to ask myself what is wrong with me? I’m I doing something wrong? Why my body continues to attack itself? I still don’t know the answer but one thing I know for sure,  I’m not gonna remember 2019 for this! No way!

I’m gonna remember this year for beautiful moments I passed with my baby Ale, with my husband and my family. I’m gonna remember this year for hilarious laughs with my two brothers Marijo & Patrik. I’m gonna remember this year for my childhood bestie wedding. This year I went two times to my favorite place on Earth, Tenerife. I was splashed by a giant  killer whale, I take a bath in Atlantic Ocean in January, I take a romantic gondola ride in Venice and I probably published more than 20 blog posts with fabulous outfit ideas! So yes, you were amazing 2019.

This year deserves to be celebrated & honored. For the end of this year I choose the most festive dresses, glamorous bags, the best Champagnes & the shiniest Christmas decorations on the most exclusive location, Thaler Bolzano.

Do you already choose you New Years Eve dress? I prepared amazing selection of my favorite styles for New Year so lets start with some serious fashion facts about NYE outfits. No matter where you decide to celebrate I have a great idea for you ;-)!

Golden metallic “Oscar” dress with  coordinated belt elevated with faux fur black pochette is perfect for those babes who wants to wear golden shades but still look so classy and elegant.

Velour is always a great choice for Christmas & New Years Eve celebration. Velour is so glamorous. Velour looks rich and luxurious, and this is the effect you want right? I choose green and bordeaux  version. Bordeaux velvet dress with deep V neck and waist belt I matched with bronzed embellishment turban and bronze mini Arlettis bag.

Green velour dress with puff shoulders is so fabulous in combination with silver croco mini bag & killer heels in the same shade. This choker necklace is too much? Never ;-)!

For my sober fashion souls I found amazing two piece transparent mesh dress in black with lace details on the sleeves and bottom. I matched it with exclusive mini version of iconic Concrete Coccinelle bag.

For the last I choose this mini rhinestone dress, sparkling, dazzling, flashy perfect for crazy night out, wear it on all silver accessories and remember the only rule you have to follow is to shine baby, shine!

Most important make up look of the year was created by my amazing friend and incredibly talented Juste Zilionyte. She put so much passion in this make up and I cant wait to show you in my Instagram stories how she made it. She has this incredible creating energy. Stay tuned and follow my stories. You will completely adore it.

My amazing fashion souls I wish you the most amazing year, wish you joy & happiness, I wish you the year full of love and blessings. No matter what happens remember that there is always something positive in every difficult situation. Remember that you are not alone, remember that feelings are just passengers, they come and go.

Have a great time this New Years Eve wherever you go. Sparkle inside and outside!

Take care of yourself.


Outfit details;

Outfit – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Bag – Coccinelle Bolzano
Make up – Juste Zilionyte
Photos – Roberto Rotulo
Location – Thaler Bolzano

With love & gratitude,

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