New Year’s Eve Glam

My fabulous fashionistas!

Here we are. Few days are missing to the craziest night of the year, New Year’s Eve! I know that probably most of you think that all this euphory is just exaggerated but let’s be silly this year! I mean, we have entire January to be modest and sober ;-).

I prepared for you four outfits for a perfect New Year’s Eve event/party/dinner styling. Can you imagine how stressful is shooting of 4 outfits in only 1 hour! Like changing, matching accessories, location, posing ;-)! Seems very entertaining but actually you have to be a pretty capable organizer to make it work. I really, really hope you gonna recognize all the love and passion I put in this post.

If you choose red you are choosing passion, love, romanticism and femininity. Romantic tulle red dress with deep decollete, voluminous & endlessly feminine. Kind a modern Marilyn Monroe. Diva. I would definitely suggest this dress for a taller girls, tends to dominate so very high heels are total must have.

I elevated red tulle dress with an unconventional velour mini belt bag. I mean how could you otherwise carry bottle of champagne in one and a champagne glass in other hand? I’m not promoting drinking I’m just sayin ;-).

Little black dress is a evergreen. Perfect piece every woman needs in her closet. Little black dress is perfect evening choice, but for New Years Eve we just have to go one level up. I choose chic and voluminous one shoulder short black dress in viscose and tulle.

This dress was a love at first sight. I just love that out of ordinary design. Short, sexy, chic and totally fashionable. I wear it on a animal print tights which is a must have of the moment. It actually goes perfect with almost every dress I choose to style in this post, and you thought that animal print is too much to be worn with all this styles admit it ;-).

I adore this golden croc  print mini Arlettis from Coccinelle. It’s fabulous, made for glamorous events and it will elevate every little black dress. Attention! You risk to look very exclusive ;-), like no chic & cheap baby, just chic & expensive!

If you seek for a retro posh dress, something unique but still elegant & stylish this metallic blue dress is an absolute fave. This dress is stunning. Decorated with ruffles on collar and shoulders with pointed waist and under the knee length is so easy and comfortable to wear. This dress will hide all you think should to be hidden but also highlights your waist and beauty of your face.

I wear it with a velour mini belt bag because this bag perfectly accentuate silhouette. I matched belt bag with it’s coordinated piece, baker boy hat in velour both from Italian brand Coccinelle. Love that touch of retro on this outfit.

For the last outfit suggestion I really think it’s time for some gold. New Years Eve is a perfect occasion to wear golden dress. Gold is stylish, rich, glorious, shining & prosperous. I choose short gold dress with a pointed waist, perfect for a crazy final party.

This dress is for young & wild souls. When I say young I’m definitely not talking about your age, hope you know that :-). It’s all about your inner vibe, if you feel brilliant then your only option is to shine, shine & shine. Fake fur with gold embellishment and mini Arlettis bag with golden flower print were a perfect match worthy enough for this occasion. If you go for glam, glam all over.

Juste Zilionyte, my make up artist was pretty clear about her make up idea for this occasion. Strong metallic red lips, black eyeliner with a line of glitter in red nuance and a perfectly sculpted face with highlighter and contouring technic. Glamorous, dazzling and so enchanting. She is just Juste ;-), one and only.

My dear fashionistas year is ending, celebrate it like it was the most fabulous year of your life. Maybe you had difficulties, maybe you lost something or someone you loved, maybe you fight against disease, but remember you are still here. You still breathe, you still have opportunity to make your life just the way you want. Don’t forget to be grateful, happiness starts where you feel sincere gratitude for what you already have.

Wish you a very happy New Year, let love, hope & joy be your guide.

Raise up your glasses 🖤


Outfit details;

All outfits – Blocco 88 Bolzano
All bags/ accessories – Coccinele Bolzano Store
Make up – Juste Zilionyte (MAC Bolzano)
Photos – Roberto Rotulo

Special thanks to Thaler & Tina Tzschoppe for assistance & shooting set.


With love & gratitude,

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