November Rainbow

My fabulous fashionistas!

We almost arrived till the end of November. Cold and long November. I thing this month was particularly heavy for me because I didn’t travel almost nowhere. Like, I’m sure that another no travel month could seriously influence my mental health. Luckily seems like I’m gonna visit Venice & Milan in December so I’m safe ;-). I’m blessed, I live in Italy.

I’m in love with this outfit. Colorful but with domination of cold blue shades. I adore that calming effect of blue color. Powerful but modest. Do you agree?

I’m wearing this cozy, fluffy cold blue sweater with co-ord top under. I matched it with a pleated mid length lurex skirt in blue & gold shades. Stunning right? It’s kinda festive but still sober enough for a daily walk. Not with the shoes I wear obviously ;-). With this shoes you would probably took taxi after 2 min walk. But then, this pink shade in satin fabric with 12 cm heel will make you feel like a living Barbie doll so what the hell with pain ;-).

Yellow mini Arlettis from Coccinelle is so chic and unique. Like a little ray of sun in rainy November day. I coordinated my Arlettis with a touch of gold shade in statement leather bracelet.

I hope my November Rainbow will bring out your Rainbow. I know its cold fashionistas but let’s finish this month on most sparkling way possible. Come to the bright side ;-). Who’s with me?

Wish you a stunning weekend.

Outfit details;

Sweater & Skirt – Blocco 88 Bolzano
Heels – New Look (ASOS)
Bag & Bracelet – Coccinelle Bolzano Store

Make up – Juste Zilionyte & MAC Cosmetics Store Bolzano

Photos – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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