Ode to Winter

Good evening my dear fashionistas!

I promise this time I won’t write about freezing mornings, snow and winter depression. This time I will celebrate this amazing season. I will celebrate the winter with one of my favourite winter outfits. It’s so easy to feel adorable even if you wear several layers of clothes on. You just have to feel it.

Once I hear amazing inspirational quote; “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy”.

I decided to give another chance to my never loved Winter. I will let her surprise me and make me in love with her. I decided to feel her in al her majesty.

Listen. Feel. Connect.

So, I wake up this amazingly cold winter morning. Windows are still frosted over, seems like they’re sparkling. Little tiny diamonds. Yes, Winter is showing me how beautiful and glam she is.

Today I’m wearing shades of white. It’s Winter’s favourite colour. White. I love the way this colour touches my skin.

I’m wearing simple knitted jumper in ivory with tassels on a dark blue skinny jeans. Beautiful white-beige long wool coat with soft waist band, which is my latest sale catch. I elevated the coat with cream-white faux fur scarf and favourite knitted pom-pom beanie hat. So cosy and warm.

This beautiful rigid small shoulder bag with white fur shoulder belt is my favourite piece.

Winter whispered me this morning that’s her favourite too. “You look almost like a Snow Queen ” she said to me. “Almost?” I ask. “Well Marija, Snow Queen would never wear this pink satin 10 cm heel height boots”.

I’m still smiling. She is a funny lady ;-).

In this post I wanted to remind you about how magnificent is the world around us. There is so much energy and magic around us. We just forget to observe the magic places where we live. I don’t want to miss this beauty anymore. All our focus goes on work, things to do, problems (challenges), on projecting our future, forgetting to appreciate what we have now. In front of our eyes. I feel so blessed I can live this beautiful winter period right now, right here.

Yes, I woke up in so inspirational mood today ;-). Maybe I never told you but during my school period my teachers considered me very talented in writing poems and theme stories.

Still today I feel that inner need to write. This is the reason I’m not concentrated only to describe here my outfits. I have so much more to share with you 🖤.

In few days I’m turning 31. Yep, I’m a big girl ;-). And the best is yet to come.

This birthday I wanted to celebrate in Madrid, Spain. Actually I give a promise to myself that I will celebrate every birthday  in different city around the world. I promise you that I will made some amazing outfit photos and share all my experience with you.

Outfit details

Jumper – H&M
Jeans – Calzedonia
Boots – New Look (ASOS) HERE
Fur scarf – Zara
Beanie hat – River Island HERE
Bag – Zara

Photos by – Roberto Rotulo  HERE

With love & gratitude,

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