Pop of Fuchsia

My amazing fashionistas!

I know that you are wearing all black & gray outfits during this cold winter days. Don’t ask me how I know I just have a feeling ;-)! Let me give you some good reasons why should you consider fuchsia as your new “it” color!

Fuchsia coat & mini bag

Fuchsia will make you look radiant & joyous, you will pop up from the sea of dark shades so usual for winter season. Fuchsia will attire, fuchsia will immediately make you feel and appear different, unique. Fuchsia will bring your causal pieces in black & white on a whole new level. Fuchsia will bring you compliments which will boost your self confidence and make you feel gorgeous. I mean, do you really need more? If I convinced you lets discover together my latest and some of my favorite past winter outfits elevated with favorite fuchsia shade.

My latest outfit is all about this beautiful fuchsia coat, matched with satin fuchsia shirt & mini padded bag in the same shade. I wear it on a crop trousers & really high stiletto heels in satin fabric. Like?

This winter I wore this all beige elevated with satin fuchsia shirt & my favorite mini bag totally “Chanel” inspired. Still so in love with this style. Fluffy baker boy hat is one of my favorite details.

Fuchsia shirt & bag match with camel shades

This oversize sweater dress with eco fur panels was a huge trend few seasons ago, but even now this piece is totally not “out”. Its so comfy and it keeps me warm and cozy.

Warm & soft fuchsia wool sweater

Who doesn’t like textured knitted cardigan in vibrant pink color? I mean its one of those pieces which will elevate every single outfit. It looks so fashionable on a mid length animal print dress, but it would look fashion with casual, minimal & denim. Amazing garment.

Textured & knitted vibrant shade cardigan

I couldn’t resist to not mention my “oldie but goldie” fuchsia coat with cropped voluminous sleeves, collarless with pointed waist. Just love this coat and how the time pass I appreciate it more and more. Try to look for a coat similar to this online, prices are just exaggerated.

Voluminous sleeves fuchsia coat

Here we come to the last but definitely one of my favorite outfits ever. Vinyl trousers in a perfect combo with voluminous knitted sweater in bright fuchsia coordinated with sock-boots in same vibrant shade. I just love everything about this outfit. I almost forgot, I wear even a fuchsia lipstick suggested by Juste Zilionyte from MAC Store, she nailed it.

Voluminous sweater matched with fuchsia lips

So my fashion souls, what is your favorite outfit in this fuchsia selection? Share your impressions with me and tag me in your pop of fuchsia moment!

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Have a beautiful evening.


Photos by – Roberto Rotulo

With love & gratitude,

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