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Hello my fashionistas!

This time I prepared something different for you. It’s all about the craziest night of the year. Last day of the 2017.

I don’t know about you but I’m very emotional last day of the year. It reminds me about time. About how time is the most precious gift God gave us. For me it’s so emotional looking back for all beautiful moments I passed with my loved ones, for all decisions I made, for all experience I lived.

This year I’m so proud of myself. Not only because of the blog ;-). There are things much more deeper than a blog. I finally started to listen my soul. For all those years I was always between my heart and my brain. Thinking about what’s right and what’s wrong. Full of regrets, convictions and full of fears to be judge by others.

Once you start to collaborate with your soul, with your real you life starts to be a whole new experience.

Every year deserve to finish with style. Good, bad, happy or sad now it’s done, and you need to sparkle. You need to be glam, to rock because 2018 needs to know who is dealing with. You. Great. Powerful. Best version of yourself.

I have two styling this time. Something glamour with a touch of rock and something rock with a touch of glamour. You are getting it right?!;-)

Let’s start with a a glamour with a touch of rock.

I imagine this styling for a gala dinner or one of those glamorous events you will attend for New Years Eve. This silk jumpsuit is a great alternative for a evening gown. Looks fresh but glam. Long silk gloves are one of those details you really don’t wear often so take advantage and wear it for this night.

Simple high heels shoes in black leather with mesh socks. This year Calzedonia made limited edition socks for special occasions. Easy way to elevate your style and make your shoes look more expensive.

I’m so in love with this hairstyle. You know I’m all about long wavy hair but this hairstyle is perfect for special occasions. One piece of jewellery was enough to make all this outfit more than just an expected glam. Statement earring and strong make up with burgundy lipstick was my choice. To make a difference.

Long black trench is perfect match with a jumpsuit. I’m crazy about this trench. It’s long and elevates every style. If you love power dressing this piece you just need to have in your closet. It can be worn with so many different kind of outfits.

We made this photos in amazing Champagner Bar of Thaler Bolzano Concept store. Perfect location for open the bottle of your favourite champagne and cheers to all the great things expecting us.

My second style idea I described as a rock with a touch of glamour. This styling is reminding me on my early twenties.

I was single, wild and I was all about partying all night.  I exaggerated in every sense. My outfits were crazy, aggressive and sexy. I lived in a fairytale where I was queen of everything;-)… Hmmm, I’m secretly  still kind a convinced about last one, except now  I don’t wear crown so often ;-).

Well, with this styling you definitely won’t have difficulties to feel as a real rock star. You will rock wherever you go. Long jumpsuit with open front to show some legs;-). Bordeaux fishnets with glitter socks in similar shade and pump high heel boots in cognac nuance.

I know I’m out of my mind but this is actually the most delicate part of this look ;-). I styled this jumpsuit with a long pile burgundy fake fur. You already saw this fur in previous post’s because I love to style this fur with different styles, gives that rock signature to my style and you just can’t pass unnoticed. I bought it at adorable store Blocco 88 at Bolzano. They have the most beautiful choice of fake furs. Its a real struggle to chose just one colour.  I’m wearing simple crocodile print pochette in similar shade of fur.

Hairstyle is matching perfect with this amazing crown accessories in colour of old iron. Its not a typically  shiny crown because baby you are not supposed to be a princess remember ;-).

I really hope you love my outfits as much as I do. I wanted to make something different and authentic for this post. Not just simple outfits but also a story that fallows it.

I’ll take this opportunity to make you my best wishes. Wish you a Merry Christmas and very happy, fabulous, stylish, glam and sparkling New Year.

I wish you to be yourself! I wish you to be stunning, passionate, emotional, and enthusiast.

Do what you love, be love and you will attract love!

Raise up your glasses 🥂

First outfit details

Jumpsuit – Blocco 88 HERE
Trench – Blocco 88 HERE
Shoes – Cinti HERE
Socks – Calzedonia
Photos are taken at Thaler Bolzano HERE

Second outfit details

Jumpsuit – Blocco 88 HERE
Fur – Blocco 88 HERE
Boots – Cinti HERE
Bag – Cinti
Socks – Calzedonia
Hairstyle by Studio 13 di Andrea Baron HERE

Photos by Roberto Rotulo Photography HERE

With love & gratitude,

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